Windows XP SP2 expected to cause Microsoft support call flood

“Microsoft can expect thousands of extra technical support calls after the release of its security update for Windows XP this summer, according to security analysts,” Munir Kotadia reports for CNET News. “The Windows XP security update will turn security options on by default, which means that many users will need to reconfigure their software in order to connect to wireless networks, game servers and even their home networks.”

Kotadia reports, “Microsoft faced strong criticism for its slack attitude to security until two years ago, when chairman Bill Gates decided to change the company’s software development procedures and make security a top priority. The Service Pack 2 (SP2) is designed to completely change the way Windows XP handles security by automatically turning on the firewall and consolidating the operating system’s security functions.”

Russ Cooper, chief scientist at risk management specialists TruSecure and editor of the NTBugtraq newsletter, “warns that increased security means more technical support calls: ‘Turning on the Internet Connection Firewall will cause consumers to not be able to access services they were able to access prior to the SP, such as game servers. This will result in support calls, as the consumer tries to get back what they had prior to SP installation,’ he said,’ Kotadia reports.

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  1. Errr, uhhh, my Winders don’t work no more! I use it for the high tech job of playing Yahoo Checkers and now it done be broke! Can y’all help my stupid ass?

    Also, my PC’s built-in cup holder broke off – couldn’t stand a full cup of Joe, I guess! I loved how it used to slide in and out with the push of a button. Help me, help me, help me!!!

    -Joe Six Pack (D.A.W.S.)
    Dumb Ass Windows Sufferer�

  2. Ah, brilliant move, Bill!! Now, the users will be the ones to turn off the security to make their functions work, and Bill can blame the users for turning off the security. Pure genius move!!

  3. Windoze ‘Tard: But, Mr. Support Man, you told me to put my mouse on the icon, but I can’t see which icon because the mouse is too big. What do I do now!

    Mr. Support Man: I’ve seen this thousands of times. Hold, please. [Places Windows ‘Tard on hold. “M’er F’ing Windows ‘Tards!!! Somebody F’ing shoot me! Christ!] Thanks for waiting. Please do not place your mouse on the screen itself. Put it back on the mousepad and move it until you position the pointer over the icon…

  4. Mindless Windoze Drone: “Hi. Is this the Internet?”
    Poor Bastard MS Tech Support: [hold – “Not again!] Yes, thanks for calling. [hold – “Stupid assholes!]
    —- 5 hours later —–
    Mindless Windoze Drone: “So that’ll get me connected to the Internet, right?”
    Poor Bastard MS Tech Support: “Yeah.”
    Mindless Windoze Drone:: “And that’s the latest version of the Internet, right?”
    Poor Bastard MS Tech Support: [hangs up, shoots self.]

  5. So bill gets shit when he is lax about security, and crap when he is aggressive about it. Good thing he is rich, so he can buy some homies to chill with.

  6. D.A.W.S.: “How much do Windows cost?”
    MS Tech Support: “Windows costs about $200.”
    D.A.W.S.: “Oh, that’s kind of expensive. Can I buy just one window?”

  7. Windows user: I can’t get on the Internet. Help!

    MS Windows Tech: Are you getting any error messages when you try to connect to the Internet?

    Windows user: I don’t know if I am or not – the power is off in my house and I can’t see the error message!

  8. “Windoze ‘Tard: But, Mr. Support Man, you told me to put my mouse on the icon, but I can’t see which icon because the mouse is too big. What do I do now!”

    Actually, this reminds me of the classic:

    Support: Okay, right-click on the desktop and select…
    User: Should I use a felt tip pen?

    (For those of you who are missing it, think “right versus write”)

    “Yes, thanks for calling. [hold – “Stupid assholes!]”

    Reminds of a few years ago when I got annoyed with Road Runner, the people who provide my cable modem. I was having a problem and really needed to talk to the second-level tech (who I’d been dealing with), but each time I asked I had to go through the same “No, it really doesn’t work” procedure with a first-level tech. To add insult to injury, the first thing they’d tell me is “Go to the ‘Start’ menu.” So at one point, I decided I’d had enough. After being told for the umpteenth time, “Go to the ‘Start’ menu”, rather than saying “I’m using a Macintosh” I said, “Where’s that?”

    We wasted about ten minutes trying to find the ‘Start’ menu. (“Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen. Do you see it now?” “Nope.” “Hmm…are you sure the computer’s on?”) he finally asked what was on the screen. I said, “Well, at the top, it says “Apple, File, Edit, View, Special”

    “Wait, you’re using a Mac?!”
    “Please hold…”

    I swear I could hear him swearing at me. Sometimes it’s fun to abuse the tech support guys…

  9. Now it will look as if they are more secure, even though a small fraction of the users are using XP sp2 and M$ is not helping the masses.

    This poses a new challenge for the virus writers out there, you know who you are.

  10. This won’t fix the biggest Windows security problem, though, that any program can be installed without the user’s permission or even awareness. That’s how Windows viruses are spread.

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