Apple hits new 52-week high in afternoon trading; up 87 cents to $28.37

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) were up as much as 87 cents to $28.37 in afternoon NASDAQ trading. Apple’s 52-week high is currently $28.14.

AAPL is currently trading at $28.07 after closing at $27.50 on Friday.

NASDAQ Apple quote (15-minute delay) here.


  1. And there are not the osscillator divergences at this top that were evident in the most recent rallies. After Steve sells a few million shares here, it will keep going.

  2. whoever bought in when Apple was $13 a share is loving life. That was the easiest purchase I ever made – Apple’s cash holdings account for $12/share – the rest of the company at that time was valued at $1!!! Still, I think Apple has a brighter future than $30/share – especially when/if they get a solid replacement for the ol’ iMac…and especially with these XServe’s starting to get the recognition they deserve…

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