Seattle Times columnist: ‘Apple iPod mini is a significant improvement over the standard iPod’

Apple’s iPod mini “is easier to use than the standard model I reviewed last fall. This one moves between categories, playlists and songs smoothly and easily; compared with the standard iPod’s oversensitive controls that made things happen before I did, the mini’s wheel waits until I click before it acts, enabling better control of the menus and playlists,” Linda Knapp writes for The Seattle Times.

Knapp writes, “Now, the battery. An iPod rechargeable battery is supposed to run about eight hours between charges, but I’ve generally clocked closer to six hours on the iPod standard and mini. I’d be really happy with a battery that would last at least 12 hours. Apple’s support service is generally exceptional, but there’s been some criticism of its lack of iPod support when the rechargeable battery dies after the one-year warranty period. A newer policy now enables iPod owners to buy a $59 extended-service plan that covers the second year, or pay $99 for a new battery after the warranty expires. That still seems a bit steep for a battery.”

“The most important element of a portable music player, of course, is the quality of sound that comes from it. In fact, most portable players that I’ve tried have excellent sound quality. The standard iPod and the mini produce as good, or better, sound than any other I’ve used,” Knapp writes. “Overall, I think the iPod mini is a significant improvement over the standard iPod


  1. ipods are still new…god, you guys expect this company to churn out a new winner every quarter or what. Do you think Steve Jobs waves a magic wand and poof a billion dollar product. You should all still be very excited about the ipod and music store. It is the product that all others are being compared to and so is the itms.
    Lets just get them into the hands of consumers…fast!

  2. oh okay guys.. very insightful comment… if you look closely you can see that this hick/she-male from seattle said the ipods controls were annoying and oversensitive, and she’d rather have a music player that lasted 12 hours

    i don’t even think this article is good news because it really slams the ipod…. i’ve used the original ipod extensively and i just do NOT see where she’s calling its controls into question..

  3. iPod is the best player in the world. It is easy to use, nice looking and it sounds better than anything else.
    So we recommend you to not buy it, because it has a battery that don’t last forever you have to recharge it too often like once a night or while you are next to your desk. Oh and like other batteries (including Dell) it dies under heavy use so that you have to replace it after few years.

    Now when can we get some real news?! I am so bored with these …

  4. I learned a neat feature of this site: if a story doesn’t interest you, you can just not click it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Want longer battery life babe? Just rip your CD’s at 56 kbps. You’ll get 12 hours easy. Rip em to AAC’s and you’ll get even more life per charge. If your only getting 6 hours then you are using 160 or 192 kbps MP3’s. You get 8 hours with 128 kbps AAC files. RTFM.

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