Beleaguered Gateway grinds up customer and spits him out unsatisfied

“We get quite a bit of e-mail from readers complaining about the quality of service and support provided by PC vendors. But one message we received this month stood out because of the epic length of time and effort the reader spent trying to resolve his particular problem. The way Chicago native Karl Immermann tells the story, it’s a tale of lies, vandalism, and outright thievery–and it doesn’t have a happy ending,” Nancy A.


  1. “And, yes, they are officially referred to around these parts as ‘Beleaguered Gateway’ and will be for some time. Even if they do miraculously recover, they will still be ‘beleaguered’ to us for years. Fair is fair, after all. And we like to drive home a point until even Windows users can understand it.”

    Very, very Jobsian statement. I should know, I used to work for him. I like this site. It has the real Mac attitude intact. Pirates unite!

  2. Hmm…and Gateway wonders why they have had to shut their doors to all of their stores. The lottery begins, folks. Everyone put in a dollar and guess how many more months Gateway will survive as a company. Place your bets!!!

  3. Too friggin’ FUNNY! Read through the rest of the stories. These people love to throw thier money away, and then have the gall to tell Mac people that the machines they buy suck and cost too much money. I’m laughing my ass off! What a bunch of witless morons. SUCKERS! And then they get back in line for more. Nothing tastes quite so good as a shit sandwich to these losers.

  4. PC buyers look at price and any big number associated with the chip. Gateway sells crap at a low price. Gateway will survive. Only Dell is better at selling crappy PC’s. There is room for 2 crappy PC vendors. I worry about HP and Sony.

  5. I’ve seen stories like this about Macs, too. I’m very skeptical. This guy spent 4 grand on a computer in 2000, wanted a new on in 2002, and still hasn’t replaced it? Two years without a computer. What was he using it for? He obviously didn’t really need one.

    I sympathize with the guy–I’ve bought a few lemons in my time, too. But I don’t see any reason Gateway should give him full price for a two-year-old computer.

  6. About 5 years ago, I (a long time exclusive mac user) decided to purchase a gateway computer (and abandon the mac platform sadly). They claimed a 30 return policy if not satisfied. Well, I was not satisfied, so I returned it within 30 days. Guess what? They would not refund my money. I corresponded with Gateway on numerous occasions and each time was told that they had already refunded my money. Funny thing was that I purchased it with on my credit card and no such credit ever showed up on my statement. Gateway claimed it was an issue with the credit card and not them. Gateway provided no assistance and steadfastly refused to refund my money. I filed a dispute with my credit card company and about 6 months later eventually received about 90% of the purchase price. Even though was originally told that there would not be a restocking fee, I dropped the matter, purchased an imac, and have not looked back (until now).

    I wonder how many others have such stories about Gateway?

  7. This is the way of the PC world anyway. Remember when Gateway was one of the big dogs right up there with DELL/HP/IBM? Anyone remember Northgate? They were at one time the leaders in the PC world. How about Zeos? Yup, them too. Uhhhh…Compaq? If HP didn’t buy them, they’d most likely be where Gateway is today according to their last financial forecasts. Don’t worry, the PC market is cyclical. DELL won’t be around in 5 years either. I guarantee it.

  8. Re: KennyLucius
    I think I know of this story, and the problem is that the computer has been in the shop for pretty much its’ entire life. It is a two-year old computer now, but he has been trying to get it fixed / refunded for about two years as well! If it were something that went wrong recently, I would agree.

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