Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics wins Best of Show at Bio-IT World Conference & Expo

It may been introduced only recently, but the Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics has already received Best of Show accolades at the Spring Bio-IT World Conference + Expo.

Based on Xserve G5 – which began shipping last week – the cluster offers impressive performance, delivering over 30 gigaflops of processing power per system. It can be configured with up to 15 Xserve G5 Cluster nodes and up to 8GB of error correcting RAM. Easy-to-set-up and easy-to-manage, the Bioinformatics Cluster ships with iNquiry, a third-party bioinformatics package from The BioTeam that provides over 200 bioinformatics applications optimized for the Xserve G5 and its Velocity Engine, including BLAST, HMMER, and fasta.

For more information about the Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics, click here. To see what you could do with such a cluster, we invite you to watch the archived webcast, “Computational Clusters for Bioinformatics,” now available on Apple’s website.


  1. I was at the show for the carier fair and only got a quick peak in the room for apples talk at the show I was NOT invited inside. From what I could see from the door was neat. Good to see apple doing great in the sciences!!!

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