Apple iPod’s white ear buds, cords attracting British thieves

“Apple Computer’s cute little iPod portable music players sure are popular


  1. I guess you Brits need to come to the civilized States so you can enjoy your Apple products in peace…
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  2. y tell apple. tell the owners, i have an iPod and i live in england, Manchester. anybody waves a knife at me wanting my ipod gets a ass whoopin from me. its up to the users, if they fear this, then they will; change the headphones, not apple

  3. By far the scariest country to wear an iPod in though is of course Finland! Reindeer LOVE the iPod just because of those white earbuds – that’s their favorite color! They’ll come up behind you on the left and tap your right shoulder, then when you look right they’ll CHOMP the cord and run for the hills – usually dragging you along for the ride!

    Terrifying – this has happened to me several times.

    OK, that’s enough.

  4. the apple ipod earbuds are gawd awful…I kind of laugh at peeps who still use them since there are much better alternatives out there. but hey, since everyone is a wannabe hipster…

  5. I thought the Chavs were all busy stealing each other’s trainers and 9ct gold jewellery. Do Dell make eaphones? If people thought I had a DJ, no one would ever mug me for it.

  6. may not be april fools, but apparently contacting both Apple and that police department, nobody made those statements.

    an Apple dealer, and a single cop.. not Apple, and not the police department.

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