Apple extends Pepsi iTunes song redemption deadline to April 30

Apple has extended the deadline for redeptions of Pepsi iTunes song codes. The Aple – Pepsi Official Rules state, “The iTunes promotion period begins 12:00:00 a.m. EST 2/1/04 and ends 11:59:59 p.m. EST on 3/31/04, or when supplies of specially-marked packages have been exhausted, whichever comes first (the


  1. If you notice, the date of last revision for this site was 2/1/04, which means the policy for redemption has not changed at all. You can also verify this by loading the cached page from google. These rules just state that the bottles will no longer be distributed to stores. The codes were always good until April 30. Nothing has changed.

  2. This is not an extension. The deadline for redemption was always end of April.

    The promo period of Feb-March presumably meant when the bottles were expected to be on shelves. But even though the promo said it ended with March, it always also said you could redeem caps through April.

    Still good to point out to people who hadn’t realized this, though!

  3. I found four caps today that i put in a place where I wouldn’t lose them about two weeks ago and forgot them but I was able to use them today which was very cool. Apple must be nearing the 100 million download and the though of 30 extra day will get them there.

  4. Peter, I found them at the Smith’s on Tramway and Central, and a co-worker has found several in various gas stations and Walgreens in the Albuquerque area.

    Yes, they were always redeemable until April 30th, but supposedly you weren’t supposed to be able to find them anymore after March 31st. Does that mean that the Pepsi delivery guys have been instructed to remove them now, or will they just wait until they’re all sold?

  5. Tommy Boy, where do you shop? I’ve seen them everywhere I go. I shop mostly in the Maryland part of DC Metro area. Check out the mini-fridges in line at Safeway.

  6. No, Apple/Pepsi did not extebd the redemption period. There was always the extra 30 days until the end of April. It will be interesting to see if at the end of the month Apple actually does extend the offer an additional month.

  7. I wondered about that, believing the deadline was the end of March, yet the bottlecaps I have say end of April.

    This is good news because we in Orange County, CA, only got iTunes bottle caps in the grocery stores about a week ago. I’ve had four winners out of nine. Maybe I’ll pick one up at lunch…

  8. Please change your article so you don’t look foolish. Nothing has changed. The bottlecaps from the beginning have said they’re good until 4/30/04.


  9. They need to extend the deadline. A lot of people still have no clue about this – they still think it is illegal to download from ANY site. A co-worker could not believe that Pepsi was “giving away illegal” downloads.

    A better promotion should have been done.

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