President George W. Bush calls for universal broadband by 2007

“President George W. Bush is calling for universal and affordable access to broadband Internet service by 2007, saying that the technology would speed the flow of information and spark innovation,” Scarlet Pruitt reports for IDG News Service.

“‘It’s important that we stay on the cutting edge of technological change, and one way to do so is to have a bold plan for broadband,’ Bush said at the Expo New Mexico in Albuquerque on Friday, according to official White House transcripts,” Pruitt reports. “Bush made a call to keep broadband prices low and added that ‘Congress must not tax access to broadband technology if we want to spread it around.'”

Pruitt reports., “The comments were made during a speech mostly concentrated on home ownership. However, Bush linked the government’s broadband push with “keeping the entrepreneurial spirit strong” and helping people realize dreams like starting a business or owning a home. ‘You see, new ideas and new businesses and new ways to educate people in Farmington, N.M., are going to occur when we’re able to get information flowing across cables and telephone lines in a fast way,’ Bush said.”

“In addition to making broadband a centerpiece of his current technology agenda, the president has supported an extension of the Internet tax ban and has appointed leaders to promote broadband’s development and use,” Pruitt reports.

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  1. I support the expansion of broadband and the Internet Tax Ban. However, I’m pretty sure Georgy Boy has no idea what broadband is. He probably thought it was womans rock group until one of his advisers slapped him upside his head.

    This is exactly what I want, George Bush pushing technology innovation. Let put broadband in the richest 1% of households first then we’ll give it to the po foke.

    Keep taking the focus off the major issues George, that’s the sure fire way to getting yourself ousted!

    What a clown!

  2. President Bush is not stupid. The Taliban and Saddam Hussein thought he was stupid, and look what happened to them.

    When you can preach politics based on logic and facts, not insults and hate, is when I might listen to you, Matt.

    And I suppose you think Kerry and the Liberals wouldn’t tax the internet?

  3. Car Wrecker: “how about universal employment and universal health care”

    Well gee, they had that. It was called the Soviet Union. It collapsed under its own mediocrity. I think they’re still trying it in places like, oh, Cuba, China, North Korea, all places I’m sure you’d love to live.

    I think when the President suggests Universal Broadband, he is suggesting univeral availability for those who wish to earn and pay for it, not a universal government give-away.

    Darn that George Bush and those Republicans, always expecting me to earn a living. Everyone knows there’s plenty to go around. Just give me my fair share. I’d like one of them Vipers, a couple of dual G5s, and someone else to pay for my house to start with.

  4. Hey Car Wrecker: If you want universal employment and universal healthcare, take a flight to France. There you can have over 40% of your salary lopped off in taxes to pay for your “beautiful ideas”.

    I second what Dave says. Though I may not agree with everything Bush says and does, he is not dumb. If and when things turn around in Iraq and he unveils Osama in a jail cell in Guantanamo in about six months, I won’t be surprised.

  5. Sorry, Mac User, I don’t!

    The LAST thing we need is our President advertising for large media companies!!!

    Our schools need computers and ANY internet access well before we work towards getting Joe Bigbucks highspeed for his porn movies. Many schools, libraries and MOST people don’t even have dialup services yet because THEY DON’T HAVE A COMPUTER!!!

    Much of the country still lives in rural areas. Mr. Bush doesn’t have a clue as to what America really looks like or what they need. He wants to turbo charge all cars, when most people can barely afford to buy one. He’s a total idiot!!!

    I’d have much more respect for him if he started to come up with ideas to help the people that NEED help, the ones struggling with the minimum or less. But, everything he says has a major corporate benefit attached to it. He’s nothing but a corporate puppet, and this call for high speed internet access is one of his more blatant proofs.

    I find it disgusting that Mr. Bush, you, or anyone, thinks about your luxuries while your neighbors struggle for the necessities. Greedy, selfish, SOBs… your America!!

  6. I gag every time I see “President” and “George W. Bush” used together. We need to rectify that in November.

    Woody Allen has famously said that 90 percent of success is showing up. That�s true of democracy too. I�d argue that the other 10 is making sure you�re registered beforehand.

    It�s easy to be cynical about politics and to believe that one vote barely matters. But consider these facts: John F. Kennedy�s 1960 victory over Richard Nixon�a victory that ultimately led to sweeping changes in civil rights laws, the first great wave of space exploration, and the creation of Medicare�was decided by just 100,000 votes nationwide. In 1994, the year Republicans won both houses of Congress, the redistribution of about 10,000 votes nationally would have kept Congress in Democratic hands. One of my former House colleagues, Connecticut Democrat Sam Gejdenson, won reelection by twenty-one votes that year. (�All you need is one,� he remarked; �the rest are for your ego.�)

    The democratic political process isn�t perfect. Winston Churchill once said it�s the worst system for governance �except for every other system that has ever been tried.� Often, you may find no candidate who completely reflects your views. But as voter participation has declined�from nearly two-thirds of eligible voters in 1960 to less than half in many national elections today�strong and decidedly undemocratic forces have stepped in to fill the void.

    In a democracy, the future isn�t something that just happens; it�s something we shape for ourselves, together. Special-interest lobbyists get the government they pay for only when we stay home from the polls�only when we abdicate the electoral power that is mightier than any soft-money check, more decisive than any million-dollar ad blitz or corporate misinformation campaign. – Al Gore

  7. “…Hey Car Wrecker: If you want universal employment and universal healthcare, take a flight to France. There you can have over 40% of your salary lopped off in taxes to pay for your “beautiful ideas”. ..”

    By the way, unemployment in beautiful socialist country of France is 10%. Things are so bad they’re cutting unemployment benefits from 30 months to 22 months. Hmmm… could it be they figured out that if you just hand out money, people don’t work? They just sit around sneering at those with a work effort?

    Jacques would kill to have unemployment as low as it is here in the US.

  8. “…I gag every time I see “President” and “George W. Bush” used together…”

    That’s funny. Monica Lewinsky gags whenever she sees Bill Clinton.

  9. Gimmie a break! Bush recognizes that too many areas do not have Broadband access, and he’s pushing for this access to be available nationally, no matter the location, by 2007. I don’t see a corporate tag attached to it. I do see huge benefits for rural schools and businesses. I don’t see him pushing for only the top 1% of incomes to be able to get it first (That’s something that you can blame the Telecomm companies for, since they currently will only offer DSL in areas where they guarantee they can recoup their expenses right away, IE: Profit for them, not access for all). If this push gives the IP companies incentive to offer their broadband access across the board, regardless of population density, then that’s one less obstacle that rural users have to getting their high speed internet. From my experiences with the ISP I work for, this isn’t a bad idea at all. It certainly means we can offer Broadband in areas that currently are the last places on the phone company’s list to upgrade, if ever. That means I can expect to see growth for my company, increased wages, and more, just from where I’m sitting!

  10. Mac User:

    You’re absolutely right, everyone should support it: but rhetoric and ‘blue-sky’ thinking, from whatever side in an election year is cheap when compared to producing realistic strategies that deliver on the aspiration.

    Calling on Congress to avoid taxation on broadband, which would undoubtedly penalise those on below-average incomes, can only be one part of the equation. Other steps must include fast-tracking the assigment of radio spectrum so that wireless can play its part in providing broadband outside of metropolitan/urban areas, as well as ensuring that commercial competition is maintained across both wired and wireless service providers.

  11. Neomonkey: “Winston Churchill once said it�s the worst system for governance �except for every other system that has ever been tried.� “

    Hmmm… Churchill also said “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”

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