US Department of Justice unhappy with EU’s Microsoft ruling

R. Hewitt Pate, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, issued the following statement yesterday after the European Commission announced its order that Microsoft disclose certain information to competitors, offer for sale a version of its Windows Operating System that does not contain the Windows Media Player, and pay a fine of 497 million euros (about $613 million):


  1. Thanks to President Bush this country is fast becoming a shell of what it was, and is headed towards a more fascist propaganda driven machine of the christian right and big corperations. Lets do a quick review of the current situation in America:

    1) This regime has time and time again lied to the people of America. They even go so far as to make fake news broadcasts with fake news reporters and send them to local stations to broadcast to the people. If that isn’t outright propaganda I dont know what is. The Lies: Medicare, the Iraq War, The War on Terrorism, and many more I am sure.

    2) Freedom: Obviously our freedoms have been stripped away as this regime not only passed the patriot act within days of 9-11.

    3) Corperations are more important than the people this regime represents: As can be seen in the above article, the Bush admin has gone above and beyond the call of duty to give tax breaks to the extremely rich, let Halliburten rob the American people of their tax money, has allowed Big Money to float their jobs to India instead of providing jobs for the American people, has allowed Mexicans to come into this country so long as they can work for a pittance (taking more jobs from Americans), and….

    4) Environment. This regime has set our environment stances backwards in favor of big money polluting so they don’t have to upgrade to better equipment, and has taken so much money from our national parks that they have to close many of them down, and many of them are no longer open year round, etc.

    5) Health Care: We tax our people 33% and no one gets health care. Medicare is obvously another example of a big business minded government that cares little for the needs of its people. Why are we paying 10 times the amount for our drugs than they pay in Canada? Hmmmm, could it be the profits that are paying off the government?

    The list goes on but those are the major points…

  2. Not to turn this into a political discussion, but anyone who doesn’t think our current administration here in the U.S. would like nothing more than to run things like a Social State (or even a Marxist state in some respects) should really take a look around. Our government may not SEEM as intrusive as some of the more Socialistic ones in Europe, but looks can be deceiving. I love America and all it stands for, and the social and personal freedoms that are being infringed upon by our government are the most important things we have. The U.S. government is just much more covert about their activities than other governments, and quite frankly that bothers me a lot. People need to stop fixating on this patriotic “rah-rah, us against everyone else” sort of mentality here in the U.S. and take a good hard look at what is happening to their own country and the personal, civil and social freedoms that we are lucky to have. They’re being slowly, intentionally and methodically eroded by our own government. Big business and the churches own our government either by outright financing or by spiritual corruption, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just fooling themselves. That’s why this comment from the AG is so disturbing, because it is a glimpse inside the black box our government operates in, alluding to the corruption and the store-bought opinions our politicians have been assigned by their owners. Things are freakin’ scary in this country, people. Dig a little beneath the surface of what you are shown in the mainstream and popular media. You’ll be shocked and outraged.

    Bizarro Jeff

  3. Some of you people are a shame. You act like a country is the end all and be all of your existence. I love America. I am very happy I was born and raised here, but it is only one country of many. It is not “the” country. In this case America has no right to meddle in Europe’s business. I love my country but it is far from perfect. If you take any entry level Poli Sci class you will learn quickly that our government works on the philosophy “pork is kosher.” This is the concept that nothing gets passed in America with out everyone in congress taking something for their lobbies to ensure re-election. I am not condemning America, like I said I love it, but that does not mean I cannot be objective. I think Europe�s solution is the closest thing I have seen to fare yet. It is not perfect, but it is an imperfect situation.


  4. Why do people automatically think that one system fits all or is the best over other systems. Not all things about socialism are bad and not everything about capitalism is good. Why can’t you praise one aspect about socialism without criticising the other aspects and vice versa (ditto about capitalism)? Especially, without invoking the tired rethorics about patriotism? Pure capitalism and pure socialism (and others) exists only in philosophical discussions.

  5. Some boys kiss me, some boys hug me
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    They can beg and they can plead
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    Living in a material world
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    P.S. I’m not a girl ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. The RNC and Bush Administration has been bought and paid for. Ever wonder why after the DoJ nailed Micro$oftopoly they abruptly changed direction and rolled over? Micro$oft Money and I am not taking about the program.

  7. Supporters of the EU fine:

    Do you think that a fine for MS that surpasses the amounts levied on the most notorious price-fixing cartels is fair? Microsoft is facing a civil suit here. They are not being fined for doing anything criminal. Shouldn’t our fines be highest against those people who willingly conspire to steal your money?

  8. I’m not happy with the ruling either; the EU should have fined Microsoft for a lot more money. That kind of cash settlement is nothing to Microsoft’s piggy bank account!

  9. CYOA at its best. Just cause they didnt have the balls to do anything to help the competition. Media Player needs to be removable as Quicktime is and Explorer need to be removable as Safari is. Then Vendors will have a real choice as to what media devices people want. Media Player blows but has most “market share” over real and quicktime cause it cant be removed from any Windows machine without it blowing up. Im an American and Im with the EU on this one.

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