US Department of Justice unhappy with EU’s Microsoft ruling

R. Hewitt Pate, Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust, issued the following statement yesterday after the European Commission announced its order that Microsoft disclose certain information to competitors, offer for sale a version of its Windows Operating System that does not contain the Windows Media Player, and pay a fine of 497 million euros (about $613 million):


  1. This is too weird. After securing a guilty verdict against Microsoft, now DoJ is one of the biggest Microsoft cheerleaders. <rethorical>Hmmm… why the sudden change?</rethorical>

  2. It does read like M$’s marketing department wrote it. Just goes to prove that the U.S. government is full of money hungry whores. Welecome to America where Justice is for sale.

    Bizarro Jeff

  3. Yawn. Who cares what Americans think. EU could have fined M$ more up to � 2,5 Billion. If they are not happy with this they end up paying more. No one needs their products so stay in America.

  4. Oh yeah, Europe with it’s near socialism in many countries really has done it right. I for one am glad I live in a country where the government doesn’t meddle in absolutely everything and doesn’t take over 50% of my income in the form of taxes. Yeah, if you like it that way, then Europe is where you need to be. I think I’ll stick it out over here in America thank you, even though we have plenty of people who would love to make it more like Europe over here right now, including the guy running for President from Massachusetts.

  5. You all need to get past your anti-M$ bias (which I happen to share), and consider the facts. I want Apple to win its battle with M$ because consumers choose Apple–which I think they will–not because some government agency ties one of M$’s hands behind its back.
    BTW, the worst part of this whole thread is not the disagreement with DOJ policy, but the cynical assumption that this is driven by campaign contributions despite ZERO evidence of any quid pro quo–that attitude is why good people stay away from running for public office.

  6. What the hell is happening to my United States of America???? The DoJ screwed the pooch the first time around, and now that someone else is finishing up what the DoJ should have cleaned up the first time around. Now the DoJ is looking bad for their light handed penalty and feels that they must “CYOA”.

    GO EC!! Don’t drop the ball like the DoJ did. They failed the United States when they had M$ nailed and let them go with a light slap on the wrist.

  7. Weird – why is the DOJ comenting on a ruling by another country? It should quite simply be out of their jurisdiction. Obvsiously the Iraq war syndrome – feel free to jump in wherever you like. …

  8. <<No one needs their products so stay in America>>

    And where do you think Apple products come from genius? You’re not just bashing M$ when you bash America and Americans in general you moron.

  9. The most ironic thing is it’s these same Euro whiners that will come crying to the U.S. for help at the first sign of any trouble in their own countries, yet they love to talk sh*t about America all the time. If you wonder why many Americans don’t like you, that’s precisely the reason why. Maybe you need to take a trip to Normandy someday and gain a little bit of appreciation for what the U.S. has done for your precious continent. How quickly some forget eh?

  10. So it’s clear now. M$ has been found guilty of monopolistic marketing tactics by both the US’s DOJ and the EU’s EC.

    My question: What if anything, will change?

    Answer: Consumers

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