Mac users will want Microsoft Office 2004, but AppleWorks would work for many

“The arrival of a new version of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh, called ‘Office 2004,’ is on the horizon, and should be welcomed by many users,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times. “No official release date has been announced, but a demo of some of its new features can be found at [url=][/url] If you are into the Mac as a productivity tool, you will want to learn about this product.”

Kellner writes, “I’ve been working with a Beta version of the entire suite for about a month. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but it’s a substantial improvement over previous Mac Office products. The new release will be close to the Windows-based Office 2003 that bowed last year. Although the Mac and Windows versions of Microsoft Office have had varying degrees of compatibility over the years, this new Mac version will be the most ‘simpatico’ for Windows users who end up with a Mac, and that’s a good thing… Mac users should stay on top of news about this program. It’s one you will want to have as part of your arsenal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One of the main reasons Mac users “want” Microsoft Office is simply because the rest of the world is locked into it and we need to be able to communicate with them. For users who just want to be able to read and write Word and Excel documents, but not tie themselves to the Redmond monopolist, AppleWorks for Mac (AppleWorks is also available for Windows) can do it and for much less money, US$79 and free on all new consumer Macs (iMac, iBook, eMac). Take a look at AppleWorks here.

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  1. My simple needs are served by Appleworks, but Entourage in combination with Spamsieve is the best way to go — unless you want to publish your schedule on your .Mac account via iCal. That’s pretty slcik.

  2. Rob, for databases, nothing beats Apple’s FileMaker ( ), especially with its ability to accept ALL forms of data including movie files, as well as its ability to seamlessly integrate into webpages, share data, and its high level of security.

    With FileMaker, Safari, Keynote and the iLife aps, Apple is ready to fully pounce on MS with an updated AppleWorks. Imagine importing Keynote-created anims into AppleWorks generated webpages? What if these professional-looking Keynote anims are automatically updated with a FileMaker database to display the latest information online? …none of which require any IT personnel, programmers, or web designers. There is no doubt that Steve & Co. have some major bombs ready to unload upon MS.

  3. I just switched from Entourage to Mail/iCal/Address Book because Entourage was starting to do some weird stuff that I couldn’t explain or figure out. I’ve grown to love Mail’s handling of spam. That alone has been worth the switch. I do like Excel far more than any other spreadsheet on the Mac, though I haven’t tried OpenOffice yet. I’m trying it at work on my win98 first. So far it’s been adequate, but still not on par with Excel. Word is bloated, but it’s solid and I just stick with the basics on it. I don’t do much w/ presentations at this point, so I have no opinion on PP vs. Keynote, though I hear Keynote is the winner of the two. Don’t know that I’d pay for it though, since I have PP already. I agree with Brett, I just keep iCal running in the background and I’m fine (using dial-up, so Mail doesn’t have to be up when I’m not online).

  4. For my office suite needs, I use Except I’m not running it on my iBook. I’ve got a linux server with it running and I connect via ssh to the linux server and run it on my iBook that way. is equivalent to MS Office 97 as quoted by Microsoft themselves. It also now supports MySQL and PostgreSQL for its database. I’m looking forward to a native Aqua version but I know thats a couple of years off.

  5. for word processing, i can get almost everything i need to do accomplished in appleworks. otherwise, i use indesign, filemaker or keynote – fun programs in their own right. and i also like how address book, mail and ical integrate with each other. i never seem to get spam in mail either.

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  6. Does anyone really like Appleworks? I have used so many different programs… great interfaces and ones that require twisting your brain to accomodate them.

    But I can’t seem to get used to Appleworks! Every beginner user I know finds Office 10x easier to use than Appleworks. Of all the Apple app’s that haven’t really been overhauled (Quicktime VR?), Appleworks seems to me the most in need of tossing. Even Filemaker finally just got a much needed overhaul, but none for Appleworks.

    Appleworks also sucks on format conversions. Really. And outputting for PC versions especially doesn’t work well. I would love to see this program replaced with almost anything.

    By the way, I have to agree that Mail has an awesome spam filter and it has been worth moving to it from Entourage. But I have seen preview features for the next Office upgrade and have to say they look really good. And the upgrade price is supposed to be better than previous upgrades.

  7. Truth is if you are submitting a resume for a job and they ask for WORD format are you going to take a chance and use AppleWorks instead.

    Doubt it.

    CDL – try pdf format for resumes…they send great via email and you don’t have to give “word” a second thought! even it they ask for it in “word” format, everyone can read pdf. they won’t care – and – it may just look better!


  8. mac user, maybe you’re making fancy daocuments but perhaps you haven’t spent enough time with appleworks. i disagree that it warrants your contempt. besides, i feel the idea here is to boycott microsoft! i don’t use any of their products and i think i am able to do whatever i need. so, i think it can-and should-be done.


  9. For basic business documents–the letters and proposals I write–AppleWorks actually does MORE than I need. It also reads my clients’ Word docs just fine, and I like the simplicity of it vs. Word. Everyone else I know who has a Mac is perfectly happy with AW and would never think of spending the money on Word/Office.

    The huge feature set of Word has its place for many people, and AW IS due for an upgrade. But Word is hardly a necessity for everyone.

  10. Why do so many mac users have themselves fixated in a trance thatthe only reason they have office is because they need it for windows users.

    Office is a good suite. Sure, it can be hard to acess some of its features, but asa whole its a really good collection of apps.

  11. I use Office because I don’t like messing with formatting when going between home and work. Student and teacher edition cost me $140 or so. I personally haven’t seen a word processor do anything special in a long time…heck GEOS128 on my Commodore 128D (with detachable keyboard and built in disk drive woohoo!) did exactly the same thing as Word or Wordperfect. I personally like Word just fine, I probably would like appleworks just fine too, but I have never seen documents export or import into other programs cleanly (you should see the mess Crystal Reports makes trying to export into Word format).

  12. A lot of people need to grow up and stop bashing Office because you don’t like Microsoft. The MacBU deserves high praise indeed for their wonderful work. I have no love for Microsoft either, but give the devil his due, Office v.X is superbly integrated and has all the functionality you could possibly want, particularly Excel, which has no equal in my opinion.

    HOWEVER… I prefer AppleWorks because:

    1) Office is so damned expensive;

    2) My needs are quite modest, and nicely served by AppleWorks;

    3) AppleWorks is even better integrated than Office;

    4) All that functionality results in a bloated, convoluted, CPU-sucking pig;

    5) The assistants are annoying and intrusive;

    But most of all…

    6) I despise the fact that my wife and I can’t use it at the same time on our AirPort network (we don’t qualify for the Student/Teacher Edition and I absolutely refuse to spring for another copy.)

    Over the last 2 years, even AppleWorks has been gathering dust on my Mac. The interface is looking increasingly primitive, and I’ve found that TextEdit is basically all I need for word processing, Mail and iCal work fine, I don’t need PowerPoint, and I only use Excel to open Excel spreadsheets I receive from associates, which to my vast annoyance are really only simple tables. It also bugs me that PC users are clueless to the fact that they can send Word documents in RTF, and think I’m being unreasonable when I request anything but “.doc” files.

    All the shiny hardware is fine, but I’m praying for AppleWorks 7.

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