Mac users will want Microsoft Office 2004, but AppleWorks would work for many

“The arrival of a new version of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh, called ‘Office 2004,’ is on the horizon, and should be welcomed by many users,” Mark Kellner writes for The Washington Times. “No official release date has been announced, but a demo of some of its new features can be found at [url=][/url] If you are into the Mac as a productivity tool, you will want to learn about this product.”

Kellner writes, “I’ve been working with a Beta version of the entire suite for about a month. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but it’s a substantial improvement over previous Mac Office products. The new release will be close to the Windows-based Office 2003 that bowed last year. Although the Mac and Windows versions of Microsoft Office have had varying degrees of compatibility over the years, this new Mac version will be the most ‘simpatico’ for Windows users who end up with a Mac, and that’s a good thing… Mac users should stay on top of news about this program. It’s one you will want to have as part of your arsenal.”

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MacDailyNews Take: One of the main reasons Mac users “want” Microsoft Office is simply because the rest of the world is locked into it and we need to be able to communicate with them. For users who just want to be able to read and write Word and Excel documents, but not tie themselves to the Redmond monopolist, AppleWorks for Mac (AppleWorks is also available for Windows) can do it and for much less money, US$79 and free on all new consumer Macs (iMac, iBook, eMac). Take a look at AppleWorks here.

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I like the all-in-one design and functionality of Entourage over Mail/iCal/Address Book.

    I do hope that the Entourage database can grow beyond the limit of 1.99GB before making the program virtually useless unless you delete messages and rebuild the database.

    I try to be Microsoft free but Entourage is holding me down. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. JadisOne,

    I liked entourage too, but the junk mail feature on mail, along with way the three (iCal,addressbook,Mail) communicate with each other. they are sensational.

    once you get past that you have to open three programs. just leave them running in the background.


  3. “[…] for Windows users who end up with a Mac.”

    Maybe I’m a little sensitive this morning, but this sounded like “Windows users who get stuck with a Mac.”

  4. I was also 100% Entourage for my business, but was going nuts from the spam I had to wade through. Switched to Mail and 99% of my 400+ spam messages/day get put where they belong – in Junk! One quick scan (you don’t even have to open any of them) and to the trash.

    I can’t imagine going back to Entourage now!

  5. I use Appleworks simply because I barely have a need for an Office app, so it pretty much does everything I need of it.

    I’ve almost shelled out for Office in the past, but managed to stop myself, because I don’t really need it.

    This rubbish about Appleworks being able to open Office documents needs to be nipped in the bud though. It can open the simplest of documents, but anything I’ve tried to open that had headers/footers or tables in – forget it.

    If you need compatibility with M$ Office, do NOT expect to rely on Appleworks. MDN is NOT telling it like it is in this instance. Telling lies about this does no good. If someone switches and expects to use Appleworks painlessly with M$ Office, they may not only be disappointed, but they could feel, rightly, that they were deliberately misinformed.

  6. MDN, I wouldn’t assume that the only reason people use MS Office on a Mac is for compatibility with the Windows world. That is indeed a big part of it. But let’s face it, they are rock solid apps.

    I use them extensively and after using Office on Windows at work for many years, I now work for myself and choose to do so on MS Office for Mac because you can’t beat Excel. Word is a bit over done (feature bloat) but is generally rock solid once you get comfortable with your level of use of its many features. PowerPoint leaves a lot to be desired and fits your description of only being used for Windows compatibility. I also find Entourage to be very good at managing my mail and tasks.

    The Mac BU at MS needs to be praised for some *damn* good work. I just hope the rest of Redmond keeps them around.


  7. Brett, you are right. I always said I will give the Apple suite another go at it. But I will keep Entourage on standby. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  8. I have tried to wean off all microsoft products. First Mail/Address/iCal then Safari has replaced their respective M$oft bretheren. I recently started using Keynote (for medical presentations) and will never turn back to powerpoint. I do use Appleworks for database work but wish it were as robust as Excel and Word. If they were and fully compatible with Office, goodbye to M$soft once and for all. As for upgrading, I do not think the difference is substantial b/n Office X and 2004 – MS just needs to milk more money – no true innovation…

  9. I also hate to admit it, MS Office for the Mac rocks. Mail would never be able to handle the amount of email we receive. Entourage is rock solid as well as the other MS office products. Word is great, Powerpoint is ok. Excel can’t be beat. I also hope the Mac BU sticks around for a long time. These guys do deserve praise. Appleworks is poo poo and so is Mail.

  10. I don’t really see why mail wouldn’t handle a large volume of messages. I’m perfectly happy with mail.

    When Blaster was at its peak, I was getting 4000+ mesasges per day and mail coped with them well, most going to the junk folder with no problem.

    I’m not saying you should use mail if you don’t like or trust it, but I’ve never had a major problem with it.

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