Detroit Free Press columnist: ‘I recommend Apple’s 20-inch iMac strongly, what a bargain’

“With computers now maxxed out with more speed and power than most home users will ever need, the battle for your personal computer business is in the display. Think of it as eye candy: big, flat screen monitors with lots of resolution that take up minimal space on the desktop,” Mike Wendland writes for The Detroit Free Press.

“That’s why the new 20-inch Apple iMac widescreen is such a head-turner,” Wendland writes. “The display is bright and bold and breathtaking — 20 inches on a screen less than an inch wide that mounts on this ingenious arm that lets it be easily moved up or down, back and forth or side to side to the user’s personal taste. It has the illusion of just sitting there in space, an immense monitor that is — here’s a term I’ve never used about a display — comfortable to watch. The 20-inch iMac costs $2,199. But let me tell you what a bargain that is… I recommend this package strongly.”

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  1. Author has no idea what consumer needs or want, guess he never tried playing UT2003 &4 on a G4 iMac.,guess he doesnt know the G4 is at 1.25 ghz,or has a fx5200 card in it all for $2200. Author is clueless. all he can see is the big display but he cant see the 3 year old computer attached to it. come on not everyone uses a computer for email and internet.

  2. Lost-
    maybe you’re clueless if you think the average iMac buyer cares about high performance gaming. In fact, there are is a huge segment of computer users who actually think, if you can believe it, that gaming is a huge waste of time and money.
    Wendland is not clueless about what the consumer wants or needs, he’s been following the industry for a long, long time.


  3. Yea, you can’t do anything on a G4 like run a business, edit web pages, photos, video and music. You can’t use hundreds of thousands of applications and multi-task all damn day.

    Gamers are the worst thing to ever happen to the computer industry, they think they know what everyone wants and needs but really have no idea how most people use a computer.

  4. >Gamers are the worst thing to ever happen to the computer >industry, they think they know what everyone wants and >needs but really have no idea how most people use a >computer.

    Anybody remember when the Apple II was the best game machine on earth, and we used to have boxes and boxes of floppy disks filled with games? Back when Apple dominated the market? Any connection? At all? I’ll be absolutely fooked if I can remember the first time I saw Lotus 1-2-3, or an email client, but I sure as hell remember the first time I played Castle Wolfenstein…

  5. It’d be a bigger bargain if consumers could chop off the cost of the 20″ display and buy an iMac for way closer to what they can pay for a piece of crap Dell. Wal-Mart knows the lesson that people are so stupid that they will pay for crap over and over and over again if it’s just a little bit cheaper.

  6. The Mac Zealots love their 3 year old cpu,thats what im hearing. please Apple just make G4 computers forever who needs any performance? Please Apple charge me a arm & leg for the slowest cpu and worst video card. same Mac story, old obsolete hardware thats crippled and way behind the times and then asking hundreds more then its worth. no wonder Apple has so much money in the bank while new sales have reached 1%. you Mac Zealots need to wake up. Apple is selling hardware that matches P4s 2.0 from 2-3 years ago. no wonder no one is buying them,

  7. I’m afraid fellow mac-enthisiasts that Lost has a point when he says the G4 iMac is a three-year old, subpar hardware. Sure we love the form factor and the software, but I believe Apple needs to seriously consider plunking a phat G5 into the iMac to make it attractive once more on the hardware side. That and could we please get some higher performing video cards? Wouldn’t it be killer for a G5 iMac to have one of those ultra-powered video cards that could make that stunning 20″ display killer? I love the iMac, but I would die if it had a G5 and some sick video/graphics tuning. Perhaps thats a Powermac feature, but I can dream right?

  8. I agree Deus…the iMac is a great design, and it’s compact, all in one design saves so much space, but I have to say that a G5 is needed before I’d even think about spending money on one…just a 1.6 or something like that. It doesn’t have to RAWK just be fast enough to please me with a bit o’ 64bit goodness.

  9. Games and home entertainment is the No.1 future use of all consumer computers- all requiring a high-speed computer and fast broadband service.
    The G4 is just getting too slow…

    And why doesn�t the iMac sell?…my guess is that people are thinking in the future when they buy their next computer and they want a separate monitor…or two.

  10. The imac is a great deal. People aren’t buying them because they’re buying laptops. Most people don’t play games, at least seriously. Most of those that do, are already on the PC. Lost “has no idea what consumer needs or want[s]”. How old is the Pentium? I’m very satisfied with my one-year old 1ghz 17″ imac. I’m still fairly satisfied with my 3 year old 500 mhz G3 ibook. I use it everyday at work, since they gave me 3 year old PC to use >:(
    Sure Shabaz, a G5 imac would be great, and we will get one. But for most people, a 1 ghz G4 is all they need.

  11. I’m not saying I don’t want faster chips, but it’s ridiculous to assert that everyone needs a 2+ gHz G5 for many task, and the G4 is still up to a lot of task for a lot of people. Between MS and Intel the art and science and computing have lost years of valuable progress due to marketing efforts being placed in front of real need and usability. I want a new iMac, but like many, I am waiting for the speed bump, but I work all day on a G4 800 and it’s a champ and far from useless, as lost would contend.

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