Sen. Edward Kennedy’s Apple Mac-based office totally unaffected by viruses

“‘When I got my dual-processor G5, it was real noticeable that it was faster than my G4, to the point that the network has become the bottleneck,’ said Ngozi Pole, administrative and systems manager in Sen. Edward Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) office,” Dan Carney reports for Federal Computer Week.

“The latest version of the Mac operating system, OS X 10.3 Panther released last fall, has several features that are useful to Pole’s users. The new Fast User Switching feature gives different users access to different resources on the same computer quickly and easily. The feature has been particularly helpful in an office in which interns outnumber the available computers, Pole said. When offices were evacuated during the recent Ricin scare on Capitol Hill, Pole was able to reach his users’ files remotely with workgroup manager tools, letting him relay files to colleagues who were working from home. ‘I just went to the server and started e-mailing files to people,’ he said,” Carney reports.

“The Senate has also been attacked by computer worms and viruses recently, but those attacks have all targeted Microsoft Corp. Windows users, so Kennedy’s Apple-based office has been unaffected… ‘We’ve had tremendous interest from federal, state and local governments because of the security of a Unix foundation,’ said Ken Bereskin, director of Mac OS X product marketing. ‘Every aspect of the OS has been enhanced, from the drivers to the kernel.’ One feature of OS X 10.3 that could be particularly useful to federal customers is the FileVault 128-bit real-time encryption. Kennedy’s office has not yet begun encrypting its files, but a recent incident in which Republican staffers accessed Democrats’ files have prompted Pole to plan to do it soon. ‘I’m not saying it is going to happen again, but it is what people do,’ he said,” Carney reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh unaffected. Many eyes will be popping open in Gov’t IT circles (some for the very first time, some for the first time in years) thanks to this Federal Computer Week article. Hopefully, word will leak out to the non-gov’t corporate world as well.


  1. Jay Rice is a dupe. The story he quotes is absoultely false. So Jay Rice, instead of shoveling out bullshit, why not take a few seconds to find out if the quote you cited is true or not? Maybe because you can’t use the truth. It took me about 8 seconds to determine that the quote is false. I would have thought your attention span was longer than that, dumbshit.

  2. Jay Rice found the quote from Rumsfeld using the same methods as the Bush team used to find the WMDs. Oh, we know they are there somewhere…

  3. Jay:

    Whilst Rumsfeld’s point about Teddy Kennedy is perhaps correct, I’m not sure that attacking Kennedy over an unrelated 35-year old incident is the best way to defend this administration’s position over the whole Iraq campaign.

    In many ways, Rumsfeld is lucky that Kennedy asked him the question as opposed to someone with a less morally ambiguous record, as he would not have been able to resort to what is – when all said and done – a pretty cheap shot. If you assume that Kennedy has managed to live a life for 35 years in spite of any guilt – real or perceived – for the death of Miss Kopechne, then the only people hurt by Rumsfeld’s comments were her family for whom this is not an opportunity to pursue a political vendetta, but a very real personal tragedy.

    My point is that – if the administration was truly batting on a firm wicket – Rumsfeld should be able to ‘win’ his point using facts and evidence, as opposed to spiteful innuendo; but then maybe I’m just a reasonable human being with a sense of fair play and humanity.

  4. jimbo von pussy,

    Go hug a tree you cowaring, pathetic little idiot. Maybe if you bury your head in the sand the terrorists will leave you alone. Keep up the great work Bush and bury these cave men!

  5. mccfr,

    Kennedy is a lying piece of garbage who should have been thrown in jail but his political connections kept him out. You know it and we all know it. It’s BS. He has zero credibility!

  6. Jay,

    Well your point is undermined by JvW revealing that your whole story is based on an urban myth, which kind of destroys your credibility at the outset.

    Even so, you fail to see my point: Kennedy has indeed been evasive over Chappaquiddick from the outset and should probably have seen the inside of a jail cell; however, if Rumsfeld was to use the kind of defence you reported, he would demean himself and his office.

    The problem with Rumsfeld though is the fact that he was instrumental in providing Saddam Hussein with helicopters that were, according to some intelligence sources, used to supress opposition in Iraq; indeed, they may even have been used in the gassing of Kurds.

    Still, at least he’s consistent, having been a board director of ASEA Brown Boveri when that company sold nuclear technology to North Korea (admittedly during the Clinton administration); So, in 2000, he was willing to stay silent whilst nuclear technology proliferated but – by the State Of The Union in January 2002 – that country was now part of the ‘Axis of Evil’.


  7. Hey Jay, still embarrassed over the fact that you actually beleived that was a real quote from Rummy? No, you are like the rest of Bush’s flock – believe what you want to believe despite the proof to the contrary.

    Sure, Kennedy should have put in his time for his accident. He should have been in the same cell that Laura Bush should have been in for her murder while DUI. And Dubya, had he not been born with a silver spoon up his nose, would have spent some time in the slammer for his DUI as well. But none of them did, right?

    As for burying the head in the sand regarding the terrorists, have you read what former Bush Terrorism Czar Dick Clarke has said about the Bushites’ failure to respond to terrorism? Now there is the head in the sand – or in the ass!

    PS – I love it when you fat little republicans result to calling me a tree hugging hippie or somesuch. It makes me laugh because I know I got you where you couln’t respond with any real stuff!!!!!!!

  8. Thats right, Saddam was a standup guy, Terrorists are alright by me and our stand on replacing the Iraq regime has not been the same for the last 20 years and Its OK for Clinton to draft dodge but not for Bush to join the Guard. Whatever.

  9. Jay Rice,

    You prove you have no regard for the truth. Well, I made a mistake, I’ve suffered for it for years in humilation, guilt and remorse. But I challenge you to put up any evidence that you have lifted one finger for the betterment of humankind, and I’ll show you decades of public service on the part of my family that would put you and your whole family to shame.

    We all make mistakes. Some of us just turn around and do something good with the time we have left. Others just sit on the sidelines and harrass people and feel smugly superior. They are the real losers.

    Oh, and you ignored the criticsim that your script of an exchange between Don Rumsfeld and myself was a lie. Not only are you a liar, you’re a hypocrite.

    “The current Bush administration discusses Iraq in starkly moralistic terms to further its goal of persuading a skeptical world that a preemptive and premeditated attack on Iraq could and should be supported as a “just war.” The documents included in this briefing book reflect the realpolitik that determined this country’s policies during the years when Iraq was actually employing chemical weapons. Actual rather than rhetorical opposition to such use was evidently not perceived to serve U.S. interests; instead, the Reagan administration did not deviate from its determination that Iraq was to serve as the instrument to prevent an Iranian victory. Chemical warfare was viewed as a potentially embarrassing public relations problem that complicated efforts to provide assistance. The Iraqi government’s repressive internal policies, though well known to the U.S. government at the time, did not figure at all in the presidential directives that established U.S. policy toward the Iran-Iraq war. The U.S. was concerned with its ability to project military force in the Middle East, and to keep the oil flowing.”

    Why? Two words: Hubbert’s Peak
    “Kenneth Deffeyes uses Hubbert’s methods to find that world oil production will peak in this decade–and there isn’t anything we can do to stop it. While long-term solutions exist in the form of conservation and alternative energy sources, they probably cannot–and almost certainly will not–be enacted in time to evade a short-term catastrophe.”

    Time to switch to more energy-efficient computers. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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