Sen. Edward Kennedy’s Apple Mac-based office totally unaffected by viruses

“‘When I got my dual-processor G5, it was real noticeable that it was faster than my G4, to the point that the network has become the bottleneck,’ said Ngozi Pole, administrative and systems manager in Sen. Edward Kennedy’s (D-Mass.) office,” Dan Carney reports for Federal Computer Week.

“The latest version of the Mac operating system, OS X 10.3 Panther released last fall, has several features that are useful to Pole’s users. The new Fast User Switching feature gives different users access to different resources on the same computer quickly and easily. The feature has been particularly helpful in an office in which interns outnumber the available computers, Pole said. When offices were evacuated during the recent Ricin scare on Capitol Hill, Pole was able to reach his users’ files remotely with workgroup manager tools, letting him relay files to colleagues who were working from home. ‘I just went to the server and started e-mailing files to people,’ he said,” Carney reports.

“The Senate has also been attacked by computer worms and viruses recently, but those attacks have all targeted Microsoft Corp. Windows users, so Kennedy’s Apple-based office has been unaffected… ‘We’ve had tremendous interest from federal, state and local governments because of the security of a Unix foundation,’ said Ken Bereskin, director of Mac OS X product marketing. ‘Every aspect of the OS has been enhanced, from the drivers to the kernel.’ One feature of OS X 10.3 that could be particularly useful to federal customers is the FileVault 128-bit real-time encryption. Kennedy’s office has not yet begun encrypting its files, but a recent incident in which Republican staffers accessed Democrats’ files have prompted Pole to plan to do it soon. ‘I’m not saying it is going to happen again, but it is what people do,’ he said,” Carney reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Macintosh unaffected. Many eyes will be popping open in Gov’t IT circles (some for the very first time, some for the first time in years) thanks to this Federal Computer Week article. Hopefully, word will leak out to the non-gov’t corporate world as well.


  1. If even Dems are starting to appreciate Macs, the long-awaited turnaround may be on the way.
    (Partisans, enjoy…)
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  2. From one who sells software to the Federal Government…don’t hold your breath. By and large Federal IT is woefully conservative. Nobody wants to do something until everyone else is doing it. I can’t tell you how many Federal customers I’ve spoken to that don’t even know that Mac OS X runs MS Office and Java.

    Also, having Ted Kennedy’s office be the proponents of this is not encouraging given the current administration. They’re likely to brand this as some sort of liberal assault on computing the way God intended it to be. Which, course, is the way Bill Gates and the Justice Department intend it to be.

  3. I see it the other way. What better target for the Republicans’ Attack Machine than Ted Kennedy. And they aren’t afraid to use technology, either. So if they can’t infect Ted Kennedy’s computer network with worms/viruses, sounds to me like it’s PROOF POSITIVE that Mac OS X really is the most secure platform in the world. Guess the run up to the November elections will show if they can do it. AFAIK, the Republicans can continue to use crappy Windows software.

  4. G spank…just goes to show you that everyone has at least *one* redeeming quality! ;o)

    I suppose of it gets the Mac message across to the conservative side then Rush’s support is a good thiing.

  5. Subject: Let’s hear it for Rumsfeld! Score one for Don……………way to go. Rumsfelt at Senate Armed Service Committee Meeting You will only understand the symbolism of the following if you learned through extraneous history or were old enough to have watched it play out that Ted Kennedy drove off of a bridge in Massachusetts on his way to an island with Mary Joe Kopechne in the late 60’s. He did NOT seek help to rescue her when he surfaced. Instead he made his way to a hotel, called friends and the next morning reported the accident. She was, needless to say, both dead and wet. Kennedy faced no type of any censure or reprimand, much less any legal punishment for this negligent act of manslaughter. Kennedy power extends wide in that part of America. You have got to love the chutzpah of Rumsfeld. February 05, 2004 Rumsfeld: Kennedy ‘All Wet’ About Bush Lies Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told Sen. Edward M. Kennedy yesterday that he was “all wet” when the Senator alleged that the Bush administration lied about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction to justify going to war. The verbal clash came during Mr. Rumsfeld’s testimony at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing probing the state of pre-war intelligence. Sen. Kennedy began his questioning of the Defense Secretary by saying, “Don’t you think some members of the Bush administration should be held legally accountable for the lies they told about Iraqi weapons, and the subsequent cover-up?” “First, with all due respect Senator Kennedy, you’re all wet,” said Mr. Rumsfeld “The administration has not lied or covered up. However, in general I do believe that when a man commits a crime he should face the bar of justice. He should not be allowed to serve in positions of power in our government, and be hailed as a leader, when the question of his guilt remains unresolved, if you know what I mean.”

  6. “I’m sure I do not know what you mean,” Mr. Kennedy said. “But the American people deserve to know why you can’t find Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.” “Sometimes things are hard to find, even when you know where they are,” said Mr. Rumsfeld. “For example, I’ve heard of a man who missed a bridge and drove his car into the water, even though he knew where the bridge was. And then sometimes you just keep diving into a problem and despite repeated efforts, you come up empty handed. That doesn’t mean that nothing’s there. As you know, eventually, the truth comes to light.” Having no further questions, Mr. Kennedy yielded the remainder of his time.

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