Sony to launch European Connect Music Store in June

“Sony announced the European opening in June of its Connect music store on the Internet, where consumer can buy songs from 0.99 euros apiece and download them on their computer before exporting them to Sony minisdisc players and walkmans,” Reuters reports. “A version for the United States, competing with Apple’s hugely successful iTunes Music Store, was announced in January.”

Reuters reports, “Connect will start in France, Britain and Germany with 300,000 songs from the five major labels, including Sony Music, plus independent publishers and national and regional artists. Sony has beefed up its software player SonicStage and while giving better compression for more efficient storage and increased protection against piracy, the firm had also removed the restrictive usage rules which consumers have balked at.”

“There is no longer a limit to the number of times a CD can be copied or to the songs that can be compressed and exported to other SonicStage devices. Rival software such as RealNetworks RealPlayer or Apple’s iTunes do not have such restrictions,” Reuters reports. “There will be more restricted export rules for songs bought at Connect, depending on demands from the music labels, Sony said.”

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  1. I wonder if Sony Music is part of Apple’s problem in Europe. Maybe they are holding everything up so that their own download service can get going before iTMS.

  2. bad mofo. What does your post have to do with the subject at hand?

    June was one of the dates first estimated for opening additional iTMS stores. I think they’ll have a major announcement before then. Sony is not holding up things. It’s so complicated dealing with 4 or 5 countries, different labels, different royalty rates, different taxes, different artists, etc. Sony has announced but that doesn’t mean it will make the date.

  3. Well, as the song goes…Blame Canada! It’s not Apple’s fault they haven’t been able to get in there yet. They’ll take Canadian money just as quickly as they will American, but they have a ton of bureaucratic red tape to cut thru first…

  4. I’m not sure “blame Canada” is the way to go. Apple met no opposition in the U.S. The resistance from the labels was only their uncertainty with the new medium. Now, at least one label is shown to be competing directly with iTMS, so resistance in Europe and Canada may have Big Music Money behind it.

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  5. I don’t know European Law but couldn’t ITMS just start opening up country by country? That way the countries still not getting the service could have the citizens be more vocal in demanding they be let in on it too. Does the new EC set up preclude this?

  6. Jack A.
    I suppose iTMS could open country by country within that country’s already in place Apple website. It would have the proper language, of course, and those artists that are popular there as well as international artists. I think Apple wants to make a splash with a MASSIVE announcement. This coming April 28 is the one year Anni of iTMS U.S. That might be the perfect time to announce new stores. Apple should be able to beat Sony to the marketplace, with or without the label. It would also be a good time to introduce 4th Gen iPods as well. We’ll see.

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