RUMOR: Apple readying 4th generation iPod featuring color screen, 50 GB storage

“Apple Computer is preparing to unveil the 4th-generation of its flagship iPod music player, reliable sources told AppleInsider last week. Excluding the introduction of the iPod-mini in January, over half a year has passed since the company last update the iPod product-line on September 8th,” Kasper Jade reports for

“While sources could not pin-point a specific day or month of introduction, they said the soon to be released player would boast a 50GB hard disk capable of holding 12,500 songs and carry an approximate cost of $499,” Jade reports. “Unlike the recent capacity-centric revisions to the iPod line, the 4th-generation iPod will host a number of architectural advancements and new features. Most apparent, sources say, is the presence of a 2-inch color screen for displaying photos stored on the pod, from the palm of your hand.”

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  1. Where there is smoke there is usually fire, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if some of these specs are slightly exaggerated. Either way, when they come it will only cement Apple’s market leading position. Dell and the other rivals haven’t even come close to matching the 3G or mini models yet, muchless what a 4G will bring.

  2. “Well, it certainly ties in nicely with the recent “Moving pictures. Moving sound. Moving the industry,” invitation Apple released for the special event on April 18.” – pscates from AppleInsider board

    I don’t know about this invitation, but if there is one, it may be to launch the new iPods. Also, IIRC, Apple will have the next gen iPod while HP will get the current gen iPod. So, it is not too hard to believe that this is true. As always, a grain to a tablespoonful of salt is needed to digest a rumor. Besides, I think (IANAL) it is illegal to start a false rumor to ruin your competitor. SEC or whoever is in charge may not be pleased about that.

  3. Nobody: it may be illegal for competitors, but what about your run-of-the-mill mac hater? It’s not exactly slander.

    I wonder what the video out is for? They couldn’t fit an mpeg decode in there, could they? Probably just for the photos, and maybe that funky screen saver from iTunes that goes along with the beat.

  4. Keep in mind the biggest battery drain on the current iPods is the backlight. They would have to completely redo the display. I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but it may be more likely for them to release an entirely new product to cover visual things.

  5. I would think something more Earth-shattering would be to slowly fade out the older larger iPods and upgrade the mini line; doing this all in conjunction with a more global iTMS.

    Images are not a passive entertainment. Steve has already nixed the idea of portable video, and you certainly do not need a color display for music other than displaying album art.

    Now, if you place the sensor of the iSight into the mini iPod and make it a camera, you might have something that people would WANT to travel with.

  6. Glick7 awaits patiently… praying that the darn thing has an integral microphone and voice recording capability…. That’s an INTEGRAL microphone and voice recording capability.

    Business would scoop ’em up by the boatload if ONLY the iPod had this simple ability. It would drive sales into outer space.

    Please, Apple….

  7. Seems like a 2 inch organic LED display would be perfect for the next gen. iPod, it uses little energy and has good contrast, Cambridge < > a British company is manufacturing them and I think the 2 inch organic LED display was used in a digital camera last year. Seems like I read that OLED don’t need backlights, further reducing the weight of a device.

  8. Al: A good internal mic would be awesome. I’ve looked at lots of voice recorders … have really, badly wanted one for years … and they are all worthless JUNK (judging from reviews and user comments). Which is why I still don’t have one. The world needs a reliable, digital, Mac and PC compatible, USB+FW connected voice recorder. I don’t know if Apple has this on their agenda, but I think Glick7 is right, an iPod so equipped would be even more attractive than it is. Especially if they also come down on the price, and/or add new features.

  9. Glick 7: “[…] praying that the darn thing has an integral microphone and voice recording capability […] Business would scoop ’em up by the boatload if ONLY the iPod had this simple ability.”
    AI: “Sony makes mini recorders for about $50.”

    Thank you. Keep in mind, these are businesses that buy Intel machines because “they’re cheaper.” You really think businesses will buy $299 mini recorders when they can buy $50 mini recorders? I don’t think so.

    Don’t get me wrong–I’d like to see it, too. But I don’t think that what’s holding back iPod sales (sarcasm) is it’s lack of a built-in microphone.

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