Steve Jobs says Apple to sell 70-75 million songs by end of April

“The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store will fall short of its original target of selling 100 million songs by the end of April. Apple has sold 50 million songs since last April, and CEO Steve Jobs said in an interview on Monday that the company may sell 70 million to 75 million by the end of April 2004. The songs sold so far do not include those claimed as part of a promotion with Pepsi, which teamed up with Apple last months to give away 100 million free songs. Apple makes its profits more from sales of its iPod music players than from the songs themselves, so missing the 100 million target is unlikely to hurt the company’s profits, the paper said,” reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: While it may be unfashionable lately, we’ll continue to wait until April 28, 2004 to report on the actual first year tally. Unfortunately, it seems Apple is now in danger of taking a wildly successful 70-75 million (if Jobs’ projections hold) first year sales total and making it look like a failure due to Jobs’ artificial “100 million goal.” Note to Steve: don’t set goals in public if you aren’t damn sure that you can hit them. You’ll just give your foes ammunition otherwise; even if the ammo you’re providing are duds, they can still wound. As for reports yesterday that stated “Apple missed their goal,” you cannot miss a goal if the deadline has not yet arrived. Expect to see plenty of similar reports today and in the coming weeks – all written by time-travelers, we’re sure. Of course, if Apple does miss their goal on April 28th, we will report it dutifully.

iTunes and/or Apple Computer fans: if you want an album or two (or ten), now’s the time to go buy it via Apple’s iTunes Music Store. We call it the “Steve Jobs ‘Foot in Mouth’ Prevention Promotion.”

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  1. Jobs is predicting 70-75mil before the Pepsi tunes are counted. Once again, this master of promotion is setting up the stage where folks are going to be ready to claim failure and he will pull a 30-40mil Pepsi promotion sales figure out of his turtleneck sleeve and announce they’ve surpassed the goal.

    Like MDN said, let’s wait until 4.28…

  2. Man, the media is really getting *desparate* to find a reason to trash Apple. Oooo! They FAILED to move 100 Million songs by April 28th! Oooo! You heard it here first! Oooo!

    Can these same time travellers provide me with BuyMusic and Napsters numbers for the year? I’ll bet there just great! Because they use WMA! It’s a “standard”! Not a “closed format”!

    Hey, lookit me! I’m a journalist!

  3. Something doesn’t add up. Did Jobs say 70-75 million including the Pepsi giveaway, or not including it?

    In the other thread, it was calculated that Apple would sell 65 million (using the daily sales numbers Apple released), and the giveaway would be added to that. Am I to believe that Pepsi will only manage to distribution 0.001% of the winning bottlecaps by the end of April?

    If anyone gets WSJ, please report what Jobs really said. I think the 75 million number might be regular iTMS sales, which would make the 100 million number still plausible.

  4. Apple is doomed!

    C-Net headline: “Apple bankrupt soon due to lackluster music sales and a torrent of exciting Microsoft innovations; Mac users to face financial ruin and degenerative diseases”

  5. While Steve has been known to miss on a thing or two once in awhile, I think he’s setting us all up bigtime. My guess is the number announced on April 29 will be around 105 to 110 million when including the Pepsi redemptions. Their have been plenty of people around the office here in Chicago bragging about having redeemed dozens of winning codes.

  6. “The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store will fall short of its original target of selling 100 million songs by the end of April.”

    … bong! the original target, as quoted elsewhere in mdn, set the target as 100 million songs inlcuding the pepsi promotion – the 70-75 million is extrapolated from the 50 million plus the 2.5 million a week… so only 25% uptake of the (free, gratis and for nothing) pepsi promotion is required for apple to reach its target…

    oh, and steve has admitted nothing about falling short… only projected sales figures..

    the end

  7. Spiff,
    Pepsi hasn’t bought the 100 million songs. They anticipated only about a 1/3 of them actually being bought, so they really think they will only spend about $33 million or so. Plus I’m sure they are getting a discount on the price per song.

  8. I don’t think it matters either way. 100 million… 50 million… 75 million… I mean really, people can talk all they want about the failure of missing the 100 million target but in the end Apple is still successful… really successful.. the people that matter to Apple know this and that’s all that matters…

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