Virtual ‘iPod’ for Microsoft Windows Pocket PC OS pulled from Web

“The makers of the pPod, software that mimics Apple’s iPod digital music player for Pocket PCs, has removed the application from its website after lawyers for Apple contacted the UK company. A lawyer representing computer manufacturer Apple phoned StarBrite last week, and warned them that they are in dangerous waters,” Leigh Phillips writes for “Apple’s counsel expressed their client


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    Hahahahah! Lady Mac Beth strikes again! ROTFL!

    Seriously though, I agree that they must have known that Apple would sic the sharks on them, given Apple’s penchant for fiercely protecting their “look and feel”. After all, they’ve gone after people who release Aqua themes for other OS’es.

  2. Has anyone thought that this move might have been unnecessary on apple’s part? Having an ipod interface on a piece of hardware that could never come close to the storage capacity (or true experience) of an ipod (with its tight integration with itunes) may encourage ipod lust. While I doubt that this application would seriously erode ipod sales, it could be seen as advertising for apple. Try out an inherently limited version, then buy the real thing!

  3. well you have to have standards! i may be between partners, but dating a sheep would just make me seem desperate ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    cuddly tho.

  4. tumok:
    Thanks for the link to the ‘first’ design. Saw it the first time. Then a week later, they changed the design to have the 4 ‘buttons’ under the ‘scroll wheel’ and that’s the only pictures I seen since.

    I wondered how HP felt about the pBop. Since the picture show it running on an iPaq and they’re supposed to be selling HP-branded iPods later this year.

  5. You are all crazy. Its a great idea and if I had a PDA I’d want to use that interface to play music rather than some crappy one. How can we say people shouldn’t copy when ideas like tabs and buttons and docks are used over and over by different people. Apple’s volume thing is brilliant, and should be copied everywhere, as it is very useful and elegant. If its better, its better. Why create an inferior solution just to be different?

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