Virtual ‘iPod’ for Microsoft Windows Pocket PC OS pulled from Web

“The makers of the pPod, software that mimics Apple’s iPod digital music player for Pocket PCs, has removed the application from its website after lawyers for Apple contacted the UK company. A lawyer representing computer manufacturer Apple phoned StarBrite last week, and warned them that they are in dangerous waters,” Leigh Phillips writes for “Apple’s counsel expressed their client


  1. Or, put more accurately, “Due to the fact we were blatantly and knowingly infringing on Apple’s patents, we are no longer able to distribute this application.”

  2. Fucking sheep! Always following, never leading.

    This world needs more creators, and less imitators.

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  3. I think Apple’s beef is with the design, not necessarily the name. A great amount of time, effort and testing when into the menu/interface.

    This may also be one of Microsoft’s major headaches with Longhorn if it comes too close to Mac OS X.

  4. Aryugaetu: You mean one of Microsoft’s minor headaches. They’ve already beat a “look and feel” suit from Apple. Since the DOJ backed down, it looks like they can do whatever they want in the US.

  5. Apple has learned it’s lesson well. When they sued Micro$oftopoly over the Windows OS, the genius John Sculley (then Apple CEO) let M$ off the hook for $100,000,000 US. This despite the fact that Apple nailed their butt in court on not only the fact that they lifted approx 70% of their code from the Mac but “look and feel”. If Sculley had any sense he would have settled for a royalty setup instead of up front $ and Apple would be getting $ for every copy of Windows sold. He settled cheap. Never Again.

  6. These guys MUST have known that they would be shut down. I wonder if they were able to stay up long enough to make some cash off it? I hope not.

    AMEN NoPCZone. That was a crying shame.

  7. Oh come on…it was a few nitwits producing a piece of 15 pound shareware that had no pretentions of being anything other than a knockoff.

    What they should have done is just given it away as open source instead of trying to sell it, but gimme a break, no need to hyperventilate “fucking sheep” over something that was probably done over beers in a couple of weekends, if that much.

  8. its not the hyperventilating thats the problem. people shouldnt be doing that with sheep in the 1st place! 😮

    baaaa means no!

    i dont blame em for wishing they had an ipod and trying to copy tho ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. NoPCZone: You’re account of the look-and-feel suit doesn’t jive with mine. I thought Apple settled because they had no hope of winning the suit. I’ll admit that I don’t have any facts. Do you? If so, please explain or post links.

  10. <<These guys MUST have known that they would be shut down. I wonder if they were able to stay up long enough to make some cash off it?>>

    They don’t need to have it up anymore. It’s out! It will now get passed around on unofficial channels. The fact that it has been “officially” pulled will make it even more popular and they can continue to collect fees.

  11. They already know what it needs to function, I doubt it would be difficult to just create a unique control interface that isn’t actually a software iPod knockoff.

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