Power Mac marks 10th anniversary; was top-selling personal computer in 1994

“In all the excitement of Apple 20th anniversary, another turning point in Apple’s history has been overlooked. It’s now 10 years since the first Power Mac


  1. And then came along System 7.5 (a.k.a. “The Bomb”). And they offered Performas with 603 “PowerPC” that cost more than real PowerPCs with half the performance. And they could not produce enough 7200/90 in Fall 1995. What a screw up!

  2. Big Apple share in a smaller market in those days.

    PS. Just for the curiousity I treid to buy a Linux-PC; with a lot if resistance it is possible….BUT Sir everybody…..etc…!

  3. Those were the memories. Back in late 1994/early 1995 is when I chose the Performa 637 (040 chip) over the Performa 6110 (PowerPC chip). I don’t know what I was smoking. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” /> But when I got the PowerMac 9500, I did not make the same mistake twice.

    Ahhh, the good old days.

  4. I still have my 8100 running that I bought in 1994.
    Put in a faster processor a few years ago.
    I guess I should retire it, we don�t use it much since we have faster computers – but it was my first “fast” Apple computer…

  5. Hagar57: “…And they offered Performas with 603 “PowerPC” that cost more than real PowerPCs with half the performance…”

    Oh God… I suddenl;y feel like puking. The Performa was one of the most amazing pieces of crap produced by *any* company. A lot of people never went back to Apple after buying that POS –and I think they sold a ton of ’em…

  6. robiWan: Yes, I had a 6200 in my office and a 6300 at home. They sucked big time. The finder was so slow, you could have a coffee while a folder opened. The graphics were just pathetic, too. These pieces of junk really tested my faith. Both went belly up within two years. I could still kick myself for not buying a 7500.

  7. JadisOne, I too bought the Performa 637 in 1994. I could afford the 637 (I was in college) but the Performa 6110 was just a little too expensive . Ah to be a stupid college kid again, I didnt know anything about the processors back then. If i remember right the 637 was the Money Magazine edition, I guess they needed some marketing ploy to sell those things. It didnt give me any trouble and I used it through college. It was still alot better than any pc that i could have had. The kid across the hall was hoping that I would have him build me a pc, when he heard i had bought a computer, he came over and his eyes rolled when he saw the boxes with the apple logo. Ha Ha

  8. I still have a Performa 6300 CD at home. It’s only useful now for my 3-year old using the ClarisWorks paint program.

    Needless to say, after buying this lemon I ran to Dell which was light years better. Only now, 8-9 years later, am I unspooked enought to consider going back to Mac (the PM G5), even though performance on the G3’s and G4’s would have been adequate for my needs when I bought my last two Dells. I had a very hard time buying the argument that MacOS was better than Windows after comparing a Windows 98 machine to OS 7.5. and accordingly thought that the whole Megahertz Myth was itself a myth to sucker more people into a loser product. Even today, although my next computers will be Macs, I take the evangelizing of Mac users with a grain of salt, because the same evangelizing was made about the Performa.

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