Report: Pixar switching to Apple’s Mac OS X on Power Mac G5s

“Pixar is switching to Mac OS X and will be using Power Mac G5s for its work, according to a MacNN reader who attended Apple’s Uncompressed for Final Cut Pro seminar in New York on Wednesday morning. In his Keynote presentation, Apple’s Don Peebeles said that Pixar has used Linux and Intel-based architecture in 2003, but that Pixar was switching to Mac OS X and G5 workstations for its production work: “Peebles went on to say that this switch was ‘a move that no doubt made common CEO Steve Jobs very happy,'” reports.

The Pixlet CODEC developed by Pixar and Apple apparently helped to seal the deal – along with Mac OS X and Apple’s Power Mac G5.

Full article here.


  1. To fulfill its contract with Disney, Pixar should deliver to them “Bob the Potato Chip,” “Bob the Potato Chip 2 ,” and “Bob the Potato Chip 3.” Disney just loves sequels.

  2. How sweet a company that Mr Jobs is the CEO of uses a Apple product.
    Big Deal…
    Take a look around at the real world of video production and MS is No. 1.
    Multi-screen setups with fast video cards the Apple products don’t even come close. And what about the noise problems on the audio of the G5’s; they may look cool but NOBODY is using them.

  3. I’m going to pretend that I’m Sputnik, it’s a year ago, and the topic is the iPod and iTunes music store:

    How Sweet, Apple want’s to break into the portable music market.
    Big Deal…
    Take a look around at the real world of portable audio and WMA is number 1.
    Various portable music players that all support Windows. Apple doesn’t even come close. The iPod may look cool but NOBODY is using them.

    Hehe…. the future is closer than you think, Sputnik.

  4. Tumok, that was funny.

    Switching to Macintosh computers and OS X was just a natural progression for Pixar. Now they can make twice as many movies in half the time. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  5. If PIXAR is not “real production” what is?
    Avid is the most used in local-yokel TV and in Newsrooms and FYI it runs on Macintosh and Windoze. In Hollywood LINUX and Macintosh reign supreme. Nobody in their right mind would trust the crash-happy PC for high dollar video/mopic poduction. Delude yourself if you wish, but a PC is a at it’s best as a glorified typewriter with a lousy browser and e-mail client. The Windows platform sucks so bad that Micro$ofopoly has spawned a huge industry cleaning up the mess left in the wake of “trustworthy computing”. Norton, McAfee and others have made a ton dealing with the most insecure consumer computer prouct ever launched.

  6. All I have to say is two things:
    1) It’s about time!
    2) Apple better ramp up production of the XServes! (A large Pixar render farm is going to eat up many of them [not to mention the conversion of the System X supercomputer at VTech]).

  7. Move on.. No news here.
    Of course Pixar uses Apple computers.

    Agree with you. Nobody uses Avid+PC with Video. With Audio we some times have to use Avid = ProTools. Then again ProTools runs on Os X. So no PC there.

    Sorry NoPCZone, but I will borrow these;
    “crash-happy PC”. (I have to remember that.) LOL
    “PC is a at it’s best a glorified typewriter with a lousy browser and e-mail client”. (Typewriter does not crash and paper does not have worms.)

  8. Now that Pixar is commiting to OS X we shall see what technology comes out of it. Given that no high-end 3D cards are supported on the Mac, Pixar will most likely use their new Apples in a renderfarm.

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