7-Eleven offers free iTunes songs via 32-ounce Slurpee, Big Gulp cups

7-Eleven is now officially offering iTunes/Pepsi promo fountain drink cups throughout the United States in their convenience store chain. The 7-Eleven website states:

Drink Up. Log On. Rock Out. Buy a 32 oz. Slurpee or Big Gulp and you


  1. 7-Eleven is our only choice out here in CA. Still no yellow cap bottles anywhere. Can you believe it? Still the NBA Laker junk bottle caps from last year. Pepsi is being cheap by keeping the yellow cap bottles out of LA and Orange county.

  2. cc,
    It is either Pepsi thinks that more Californians are more technology savvy to have a big fat pipeline and more likely to download music or Californians prefer Coke (or other softdrinks) to Pepsi that bottles from last year are still around.

  3. Pepsi has no control of when the yellow bottle capped product hits stores. It’s up to the local distributor/bottler. Here in South Florida the only yellow cap product is in 7-11 and other convenience stores. Supermarkets seem to have single bottles (in those fridges near the checkout stands) but no 6 packs on the soda aisle have yellow caps. I wonder if Apple/Pepsi is going to extend the offer as it ends at the end of this month?

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