Tech reporter: Apple iPod ‘a first-class product, Apple ought to take a bow’

“I’ve held the future of computing in my hand and its name is iPod. For those unaware, the iPod is Apple’s hugely successful music playing computer, which has been so successful it has spawned a dozen competitors,” James Derk reports for Scripps News.

How successful is the iPod? This year Apple will sell more iPods than it will sell computers. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is laughing (or listening) all the way to the bank with this tiny Lexan and stainless wonder. In fact, it was Jobs who ordered his Apple faithful to make a Windows version of the iPod, announcing at Macworld that ‘hell froze over.’ The result? Sales up 235 percent,” Derk reports.

“I travel a lot and I have to say that an iPod full of tunes and Bose Quiet Comfort 2 noise-canceling headphones on my head is as close to a religious experience I have ever had in an aircraft. Like Bose, Apple has chosen to take the high road when it comes to details and price,” Derk reports.

Derk asks, “Can you imagine what would happen if Apple released a Windows version of its Powerbook?

“Now Apple has released the Ipod Mini, a smaller, colorful version of the Ipod. At $249, it’s still pricey and has only a 4-gig hard drive, much smaller than the Ipods. However it also has been a runaway success already, with more than 100,000 pre-orders. I think given the choice, I’d buy the $299 iPod at 15-GB rather than the Mini just to capture the much larger size,” Derk reports. “It’s a first-class product and Apple ought to take a bow.”

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  1. And what’s wrong with the Powerbook running OS X? Would a Powerbook running Windows really be as good? Would an iPod that’s not as easy to use be as successful? One would have thought that in these days of viruses, security patches and M$ licensing screws that not having to run windows would be a plus. It’s a pity so many people don’t “get it”.

    I often wonder whether it wouldn’t be a good thing for all the vendors of alternate OSs to team up for a marketing campaign to educate people on the pro’s of alternatives and how unnecessary Windows is!

    Oh well, at least this guy likes the iPod, even if he doesn’t get what makes it and other Apple products so great.

  2. “Can you imagine what would happen if Apple released a Windows version of its Powerbook?”

    Yes, I can imagine it, and It’s obvious why they don’t do it. Topping the list of reasons, is that a PowerBook should work.

  3. Topping the list of reasons, is that a PowerBook should work.

    Hehe, that just about nails it. The whole philosophy encapsulated in one sentence! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Ipod. Itunes. Ipod Mini. With such attention to detail, you have to wonder if he really appreciates Apple’s attention to detail as much as he says he does.

    Why doesn’t Microsoft change Office’s spelling dictionary to correct… oh, right. Evil empire and all that… I almost forgot ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Ahahahahah. I’m listening to Outkast on my silver mini NOW. I got it this afternoon after a friend who was supposed to come tomorrow flew in from the US early. It was the last silver they had in the shop.

    I am feeling pretty happy right now 😀

  6. Derk asks, “Can you imagine what would happen if Apple released a Windows version of its Powerbook?”

    1. Porting Windows to PPC is not Apple’s job. If he wants Windows on PPC, he can a. use Virtual PC, b. call Gates and ask for Windows PPC.

    2. Why ruin a good thing?

  7. Derk asks, “Can you imagine what would happen if Apple released a Windows version of its Powerbook?”

    Easy: Powerbooks would start to crash once a day on average. Big deal.

  8. Over my dead body would I have windows on my Powerbook, my windows notebook died in january because of those stupid daily patches, now with my ALPB 15” Im happier and more productive than I ever was from Windows 95, to XP.

  9. Windows on a Powerbook would be pretty neat. Aside from the maintanence required, users would enjoy a larger variety of software, browsing the internet w/o worrying about site incompatibilities (IE, WM, etc), play videos in full screen (if Quicktime can do this, I would like to know how) and play some real games.

    Maybe some company out there will get a hint and make a windows laptop that bears a passing resemblance to the Powerbook?

    Just my .02

  10. I have Windows on my PowerBook. It’s slow and I use it only for testing, but its cool to have VPC windows sharing the screen with Mac windows.

    I never need it for web sites, and I never need it for software lacking on Mac. And there are more Mac games than I could ever buy or play anyway. Next up: UT2k4.

  11. Hey, Bora:
    Re videos in full screen, you can also get Windows Media Player Mac edition and run it side by side with QuickTime (in a manner of speaking). It’s free, and I haven’t found any significant difference from the Windows version. Except for the full screen option, which admittedly is a nice sometimes, I find QuickTime better for most other uses (it’s weird Apple hasn’t added that option to QuickTime, or at least I haven’t found it).
    Of course, you can also use the Mac edition of Internet explorer on, but it’s getting pretty dated since M$ stopped updating it and I would say Safari’s strengths outweigh the rare website incompatibility issues.

  12. The full-screen option is disabled in the pro player, but is actually available in Quicktime, you just have to use a different player. I find Xinema a good one for viewing full screen files. Cellulo also has loads of options, and they both allow better controls in full screen. Not including these essential items in the normal QT player was a bit of a bonehead decision by Apple, as most people, especially on the windows side, equate Quicktime with the player, and then think it’s crap!

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