Note to Apple Marketing: show Mac OS X in action!

“I sit on a lot of PC company advisory boards, and, while this may surprise you, I actually point out Apple’s competitive advantages on a regular basis. The problem for me is Apple’s market share, which is at a tiny and stable 2.6 percent of the PC marketplace,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

“Don’t get me wrong, Dell is where Apple once was at the top of the PC stack. But Dell got there by specializing in cost control, controlling the customer experience and being the first to do direct-PC purchasing right. Both companies are profitable. And while some people do, in fact, lust after Dell PCs, generally Dell boxes are utilitarian. Dell has learned one thing that Apple hasn’t, and that is to choose powerful partners to leverage. No other company leverages Microsoft and Intel as well as Dell does,” Enderle writes. “Motorola, BSD and IBM are no match for Intel and Microsoft. If it weren’t for the powerful advantages Apple brings to the table, the company would be gone by now. Let’s revisit some of those advantages.”

Enderle then goes on and on about Apple’s hardware design calling it “elegant” and “the best-designed” of any personal computer vendor. Enderle then praises Apple’s marketing, even though some, including MacDailyNews, would point out that great marketing should somehow increase Mac market share, shouldn’t it? Note to Apple: show Mac OS X in action in TV and print ads! Why are you ignoring your crown jewel?

Enderle closes by calling Steve Jobs a great asset to the company. Of course, he’s right, God strike us dead for agreeing with Rob. But, Enderle is clearly missing the point about what makes Apple’s Mac great. All of his gushing about hardware design aside, Enderle clearly hasn’t fired up a Mac and actually used one to get his work done. It’s the OS, stupid! That’s Apple’s real advantage. Why Apple’s “great marketing department” and Enderle ignore Mac OS X like the Plague is beyond us.

MDN recently showed a Mac OS 9 user how Mac OS X works and they were astounded. We did the same for several Windows XP users. Same reaction: utter amazement! All of these amazed people said basically the same things: we had no idea Mac OS X could do all this, we want it now, and wow!

Which leaves us wondering, just what the hell is Apple thinking by not showing the world Mac OS X in its marketing?

Full article here.

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  1. Expose. Fast user switching. Safari browser. Spring-loaded folders. Bundled iApps in action. Column view in the finder navigation. The list is endless.

  2. Arrive unannounced at Mac user’s homes in the style of those ads giving out million dollar prizes on Super Bowl Sunday. Launch Terminal and type uptime. Show the weeks and months of uptime. Repeat for 10 or so differnt homes. End with Apple logo and “”

    Another idea: show a digital camera being plugged in, iPhoto in action, post to Homepage – see the pix on Web, order a book, cut to mailbox and person opening said photo book.

  3. Speaking of Mac OS in action, Safari crashes very frequently on my Ti-Book. My upgrades are up-to-date, and since the last one, Safari crashes at everything–sometimes when I’m merely reading a page.

    Anyone else have such problems?

  4. Show someone right-clicking with a Kensington Studio Mouse throughout Mac OS X – Windows users have ZERO idea that can be done and it totally opens their minds. They have a built-in disdain of the uni-button mouse. When that myth is exploded in front of their eyes, a light bulb goes on and they want to see more.

  5. or do all of those things above, and then say “its so easy, even he could do it”
    and then show a picture of some kid with down syndrome. that would be hilarious.

    don’t hate me cuz i’m mean

  6. Konfabulator. Apple should buy it – put it in the OS and then show the best Widgets in action. Hell, XP people drool over Sherlock’s movie tab – it wouldn’t be hard to show Mac OS X in action and grab some real interest.

  7. I find that XP users are astoounded that Mac OS X works at all =P
    most are so clueless its not funny. Except for iTunes ads, Apple has horrible Marketing. G5 ad blew, Think different ads were nice and thoughtful, but no PC user understood them. MDN nails it right on the head, tease them with a beautiful stable interface and send them to the web to watch a longer movie of it in action. Switchers were a good start, people saying how much better they liked the mac, but you never really saw why. C’mon Apple, 5 Billion in the bank and you cant self promote properly?

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