Apple Xserve G5 shipments delayed, shipping starts this month

“Apple announced its new Xserve G5 in January at Macworld Expo San Francisco


  1. This is why Apple is moving away from expos. It forces them to announce product before they are ready. This pisses off customers. This is why bumped PowerMacs are taking so long. They want to make sure they are ready.

  2. I seriously doubt VA Tech gets the first 1100 xserves off the assembly line – this time, there is no rush to get a supercomputer set up – the polls for the world’s fastest supercomputers are over half a year away, unlike when they ordered the 1100 PowerMacs, then they were pressed for time.

  3. Not that I know what is going on, but VT knew that there would be Xserve G5. Their exchanging PMG5 with Xserve G5 is part of the deal. The first time, VT cut in line because of the dealline. I think, this time, they don’t need to since they are already in front of the line.

  4. Please, iVeritas, not ‘UV’! That’s way too close to UVa (University of Virginia), the archrival of Virginia Tech (VT). VT is the terrific college that had the foresight to cluster 1100 G5 PowerMacs to form the third fastest supercomputer cluster in the world. After replacing the G5 PowerMacs with G5 Xserves (3000 sq.ft. to 1000 sq.ft.) they will have the room to add a couple of thousand more (HVAC permitting)!

  5. I thought the supercomputer list was updated twice a year. I think the real rush, beyond just getting on the list, was meeting the funding cycle of the various federal agencies that might give VT some money. They would have lost more than a year if they didn’t get on the previous list.

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