USA Today: Apple’s iPod mini ‘a smash hit, virtually sold out’ everywhere

“Apple has a smash hit on its hands with the new iPod mini digital music player. The little cousin of the full-size iPod is virtually sold out after less than two weeks in stores, with nearly 100,000 snapped up,” Jefferson Graham writes for USA Today.

[MacDailyNews: the fact is that Apple reported over 100,000 pre-order of the iPod mini – before iteven shipped – so sales by now are far in excess of the 100K number.]

“‘I’ve never seen a product line sell like this,’ says Jack Wahrman, senior merchandising manager at New York’s J&R Music World. ‘The iPod is a phenomenon.’ It’s not a component shortage that’s causing the backlog,” Graham writes. “‘We’re making and shipping them as fast as we can,’ Greg Joswiak, Apple marketing vice president says. He says teens are taking to the cool colors. And the mini is appealing to athletic fans, who like exercising with an ultralight device.”

Graham writes, “It took Apple six weeks to sell 120,000 of the original iPod when it came out in 2001. Apple has now sold over 2 million and has a 70.4% share of digital music player revenue, according to market trackers NPD Group.”

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  1. But how can this be�

    It’s overpriced (too many people to name)
    It’s just a glorified hard drive (Thurrott)
    People will just pay the extra $50 for the 15GB iPod (again too many to name)

    All I can ask is: What does it feel like to be so unbelievably wrong?

  2. “Is the market share ( the 3% we hear so often) on number of seats or on revenue ?”

    Neither. It’s the number of yearly sales compared to everyone else. The installed base (number of seats) is much larger, and the revenue, well, they are one of two computer makers that have a profit at all.

  3. I hate to say this, but cute sells. I think PART of the reason the first iMac did so well was color. I think color computers are a little pass�, but I think cute colors gets certain people to buy something they otherwise would not. I have owned three iPods so far. G1, G3, and a mini (pink so you know). And in all that time with the first two I have only had about two people ask me about them. With my mini people stop me on the street and in elevators and ALWAYS ask. And want to know all about it.

    Maybe a cute aluminum colored iBook is in order again. I am kind of over the color computer thing, but I think the masses might not be!


  4. I fondled my first mini yesterday at an Apple store. They’re great. I think they make the white ipods look clunky and out of date. As far as colored devices, these colors look great in person. But I think coloring doesn’t have the same impact on ipods as it does on computers. The colored imacs were part of the decor of a room, inherently more stable then the what you’re wearing on any given day. However, colored ibooks fall somewhere in between, so maybe?

  5. A big fat I TOLD YOU SO! goes out to all those Mini bashers who laughed in my face when I predicted exactly how successful the Mini was going to be back on Jan. 6th. Fast forward to March 5th and the product is practically sold out! All at that horrendous $249.00 price point that the nay-sayers predicted would spell the end for the Mini before it even got out of the gate. LOL! What utter fools!

    To all the Mini bashers and arm chair economists out there:

    Next time, remember how totally wrong you were about this before making another prediction based on your own personal bias and complete ignorance of REAL MARKET DEMAND and trends… Please!

  6. I can’t wait until I get my green iPod mini I ordered (they were sold out at Apple store and I had to ordered it) and smack it on Thurrott’s stupid head!


    Ask Apple to anodise your G5 machines in the same 5 colours of the iPod Mini, imagine how cool 1100 multicoloured G5’s would look.

    Eat your heart out Andy Warhol!

  8. If colour is such a big deal then many people will love the HP iPods more than Apple’s own line. Surelly Apple could apply what it learned from the days of Blue Dalmation and Flower Power iMacs into the next generation of iPods.

  9. I emailed Thurrot last week after I read his LongHorn/Wait article, I just had to ask him did he really believe what he had written!

    Needless to say, the answers he gave were inconclusive.

  10. All I can ask is: What does it feel like to be so unbelievably wrong?

    Yeah, I’d like to know too! :-p
    Not that I’m going to say I told you so or anything, but, I told you guys so!

    Btw, has thurrott come out and said that another 100’000 is also just peanuts? I haven’t had anyone to laugh at since yesterday!

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