Apple shares surge in early trading, up over 6% on heavy volume

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) are up $1.54 to $26.70 in very heavy early trading with 14,774,540 share volume.

Yesterday, APPL gained $1.24, or 5.18%, at $25.16 in heavier-than-usual-for-AAPL NASDAQ trading on 11,789,828 share volume to set a new 52-week high.

CBS MarketWatch attributes the surge to “a report in USA Today said the company’s new iPod mini digital music player has been a runaway success. The paper said the mini iPod is virtually sold-out.” More info here.

NASDAQ AAPL quote here.


  1. NoPCZone, I hate to break this to you but approximately 84 shares of stock at $29/share is $2417.00 Wait until you have had the stock for more than a year so the capital gains tax drops from 28% to 15%. That way, if you can sell at $29, you net $2204.00 (2417.00 – 1000.00 = 1417.00 x .85 = 1204.00 + 1000.00) and at least have a good chunk toward the G5. Good luck.

  2. You should all thank me for not buying Apple stock. If I had, it would have taken a nose dive ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. if you guys think the stock is performing nicely…have a look at the options. You put up less money and with a 10% stock price move you get a 50% option price move. giddyup

  4. Woohoo! Bought 2000 a month ago at $22.50, just sold at $27.80 an hour ago. I almost flipped it at $25, yesterday, glad I waited. An easy 20% gain in a month. I was hoping to capitalize on Pepsi and Mini news, and it took longer than I expected, but thankfully it came. I figure the PB screen issue will be a drag on margin next quarter, so I wanted to sell before then.

    Now, I have the money for that new G5 I want. Of course, I’ll wait until they release the speedbumped ones.

  5. Boeing777
    Could you please put your URL in anchor tags next time because long text screws up the formating:

    <a href=”YourURL”> ClickableText </a>


  6. MDN: Pah-leeeze give me a break from those extra-wide banner ads. Do you know how irritating it is to read a line of post that goes all the way across my Ti-Book?

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