Apple name ‘best’ in many of CNET’s ‘Top 100 Tech Products’ list

“Our editors see gadgets galore on a daily basis, but a lot of them are simply humdrum or even substandard. But when a product meets or exceeds our expectations, that’s reason to celebrate. From desktops to cell phones and more, see the 100 products that we believe really stand out from the crowd,” CNET reports.

Apple finds many of its products in CNET’s new Editors’ Top 100 Tech Products list. The Power Mac G5 is named “Best Desktop for Creative Pros,” Apple’s 12-inch PowerBook G4 takes top honors in the rather hilarious “Best Apple notebook” category. Final Cut Pro 4 is named “Best Mac video editing software,” and iLife ’04 is named “Best digital media suite.” In digital music, the iPod is CNET’s choice for “Best overall MP3 player” and iPod mini is named “Best ultraportable hard drive player.”

CNET names Apple’s iTunes Music Store as “Best online music service: By offering flexible usage rights, high-quality tunes, and a simple pricing scheme, Apple iTunes Music Store successfully bridges the gap between laissez-faire file-swapping programs and for-fee music-subscription services. While we wish that Apple’s service offered more in the way of artist info, the iTunes Music Store makes digital music feel fun again. Best of all, iTunes is now available for both Mac and PC users.”

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  1. Finland –
    Axel – I think you mean Axis as in Axis of Evil. It could also be Cartel as in joint monopoly. But I get your point. If the slow death march has finally started the world will be a better place when it is over.

  2. No. I don’t mean Finland/German/Japan/Italian Good Axis against Bad Communism Russian/USA during the WWII.
    I accept that monopoly.
    Apple/IBM triumph over the Microsoft/Intel monopoly

  3. That list is a joke when it comes to PCs and software, it reads like a who’s who of computing. According the listings “nobody” makes a bad or useless product. There’s tons of useless PC utility software listed. On the Mac you don’t need that junk! I’m happy Apple’s items showed up, that’s a big step for CNET. But for example, to give M$ Office Best Office Suite means little. What other office suite is there, since M$’s monopoly killed the competition? Instead of them making special “Mac” categories as they did why not make best “M$ and Dell” categories and let everyone else compete for the real awards they’re trying to hand out.

  4. Without wishing to put a dampener on this, it can’t be too much of a suprise that the best Apple laptop was made by Apple ! Disappointing that they weren’t rated higher in non mac-only categories. Like best home pc or whatever.

  5. Why do I get the impression that Cnet wants to divide the awards to increase ad revenue? I bet if there were more companies making computers, this would be the top 150 or 200.

    Waste of time.

  6. I think it is funny putting in a category of it’s own. That just means that there is nothing better than them….they are in a class of it’s own is how I took it. That’s not always a bad thing.

  7. There were 9 general notebook categories, like “best ultraportable”. Apple did not show up in any of those. They created a “best Apple” category just to attact hits from us, but it is generally insulting to Apple.

    Best Apple notebook
    Apple PowerBook G4�
    Last year, the Apple faithful finally got an ultraportable. It may be a little heavier than most Windows-based ultraportables, but it includes an internal DVD burner. A recent update added a faster processor and graphics, room for more memory, as well as analog and DVI outputs, making this great product even better.

  8. What is the benefit of an Ethernet connection over firewire? FLAC seems to be a good feature, though I have no experience with it. What is the compression ratio over WAV?

    Best audiophile MP3 player
    Rio Karma�
    We love the iPod, mostly because it’s so simple and pleasant to use. However, it lacks advanced features such as an Ethernet connection and the ability to play FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files (the former is prized by audiophiles who think MP3-compressed music sounds terrible, while open-source fans love the high-quality compression of the Ogg Vorbis codec). Enter the beautifully designed Rio Karma, which has these and other advanced features missing from Apple’s device.

  9. <<No. I don’t mean Finland/German/Japan/Italian Good Axis against Bad Communism Russian/USA during the WWII.
    I accept that monopoly.>>

    It’s always good to see supporters of the Third Reich posting here. I just hope everyone from Finland isn’t the moron that you obviously are…

  10. JR
    Well in this case you are THE moron. USA sended us chocolade and the same time airplanes and airplane parts+huge amount of money to the communist Russia. .For us it is called The Winter War. We kicked the shit out of Russians. Before and after that USA supported communist Russia and helped communists to kill about 15 million (Lenin) + 25 million (Stalin) Russians, 35-55 million chinese (Mao Tse-tung), 22+ million Cambodians (Pol Pot), + millions more in Vietnam and other countries. JR go back to school and study harder. (These numbers are not accurate. Please add minimum 10 million.)
    I did not star this!
    My point was that Windows and Intel are taking very strong hits at the moment.
    If SCO and Microsoft link proves to be true.. Microsoft presentatives are not welcome anymore. Microsoft loses its credibility and no one will talk with them anymore.

  11. I know I’m as guilty of this as the next poster, but have you noticed that sometimes the threads here wander into the same conversations that you tend to have after several pints too many down the pub?

  12. Finland – Axis of Evil is a Bushism meaning ‘The countries I would like to kick the stuffing out of this year’. We all know Finland fought the USSR for it’s freedom and not to help The Third Reich. Our friends are now our enemies, our enemies are now our friends. That’s politics.

  13. No kidding. Here we have Axis discussion and in the other, a religious discussion. I predict that tommorow, we will have food discussion.

    What’s strange is, CNET is supposed to be Microsoft shill. What is it doing giving awards to Apple? Maybe this is some kind of extortion… keep giving Apple awards until MS pays $10M.

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