Pepsi iTunes bottle caps take longer to get into stores than expected

“Pepsi-Cola’s attention-getting Super Bowl ad campaign offering free music downloads from Apple’s iTunes Music Store hasn’t paid off in a big digital sales spike — yet. Bottles with the winning promotions took longer to get into stores than expected,” Jefferson Graham reports for USA Today.

“Specially marked bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Sierra Mist offer free download codes in bottle caps. But they arrived in New York last week, four weeks after 90 million viewers saw the Super Bowl ad. The bottles have yet to show up in Los Angeles, the nation’s second-largest media market, and won’t get there until mid-March, Pepsi says,” Graham reports.

”’You can’t spike sales in February if the bottles aren’t there,” says Charles Wolf, an analyst with Wall Street research firm Needham & Co. ‘My guess is there’s going to be a sales increase, but a month later than expected,'” Graham reports.

Graham reports, ”’Marketing 101 is that you don’t advertise something unless you have it out on the shelves,’ says Mark Hughes, CEO of consultant BuzzMarketing. ‘If the caps aren’t out there, what’s the point?’ Pepsi spokesman Dave DeCecco says the company isn’t disappointed. ‘There’s no perfect scenario,’ he says. ‘You can’t push a button and get (the bottles) everywhere.”’

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  1. Haven’t seen a single one in Queens, New York myself! Forest Hills, Woodhaven, Glendale area of Queens to be exact.
    What’s the dillyo yo? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />
    I want my P-EP-SI!

  2. Well, I am 2 for 2. My winning bottles were in Tallahassee, FL and Tifton, GA. I have also seen the specially marked bottles in Columbia, SC, Detroit, MI, Atlanta, GA and Macon, GA.

  3. Part of the problem here is all the fricking stores are only selling 24 oz bottles now (and the iTunes promo is in 20 oz). Who needs 24 oz of soda/pop? No wonder this country is so obese.

  4. from Minneapolis, at work here in the vending machines, I am getting a lot of winners. So far, I believe to have won around 25+ songs. pretty sweet.

    too bad that there are going to be a lot of caps in people’s hands after the promotion is over …

  5. No bottles of pepsi in San Diego. There are 7-11 big gulp cups that are part of the contest. I have about 12 winners from about 30 cups.

    The problem now is that either customers or 7-11 employees are going through the cups and taking the winners. Out of the 30 cups in the dispenser, all of them showed signs of tampering.

  6. Just saw my first yellow caps last night here in the Denver area. Didn’t buy/try so I didn’t win. Those of you that are winning, are you cheating or winning the honest way?

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