Eisner stripped of Disney Chairmanship, remains as CEO for now; is Steve Jobs circling overhead?

“Embattled Walt Disney Chief Executive Michael Eisner on Wednesday was stripped of his role as chairman, but kept his position as chief executive even after 43 percent of shareholders voted against him in an unprecedented protest,” Reuters reports.

Reuters reports., “Convening in Philadelphia after a stormy annual meeting, Disney’s board said it had elected former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell as the company’s chairman. It said 61-year-old Eisner had its unanimous backing as Disney’s top executive after a shareholder vote widely seen as a rebuke to his leadership. The vote sent shock waves through corporate America and marked the strongest such protest against an incumbent chief executive ever, signaling Disney’s concession was unlikely to satisfy shareholders campaigning for Eisner’s removal.”

“Calpers, the nation’s largest public pension fund, said the ‘stunning’ result of the vote showed the depth of investor frustration with Eisner,” Reuters reports.

Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is considered one of the potential Eisner replacements, Sallie Hofmeister reported Monday for The Los Angeles Times”

Wall Street has speculated for some time that the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. could sell his vaunted Pixar Animation Studios to Disney and end up succeeding Eisner as CEO. Such talk intensified when Pixar failed in January to renew a lucrative alliance with Disney that has led to blockbusters such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo.”

On the other hand, Pixar’s success doesn’t mean Jobs is ready to run an entertainment giant seven times its size. “He’s got the vision thing and leadership skills, but it’s a big leap,” said a leading recruiter.

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  1. Man I hope he doesn’t do that. Not only will Pixar lose it’s identity but I’m pretty sure that the Disney job would take his entire focus and leave Apple dangling in the wind.

  2. why would steve jobs want to go to disney – this is such a studpid idea. steve�s got a cushy job at apple and pixar, running disney is something steve is not equipped to do.

  3. I can see him taking a seat on the Board of Directors, but not the CEO or Chairman jobs. Steve Jobs is not going to work for a company he does not have carte blanche at.

  4. I’m all for Jobs being CEO of Disney… as long as he then, as he always seems to do, completely revolutionizes the company. He could lose the old/flat Disney moniker and go with a fresher face… I dunno… maybe something like PIXAR? Exciting! Yes, and thusly he will have to give the theme parks a new lease on life; Welcome to the Insanely Great World of Pixar, PixarLand… Hell, even EuroPixar might fly… God knows something needs to be done.

  5. 43% vote against and Eisner is still in his job! This surely shows up once and for all the lie that is accountability to shareholders! Boards and Chairman are accountable to whom exactly?

  6. Steve has two fantastic, creative companies. His taking over Disney would be like a rock star taking a job at the DMV.

    Movie distribution? Selling dolls? Peddling other people’s creativity? Fighting to keep control of a huge herd of angry bullish shareholders? F**K THAT SH*T!

    Steve’s got it made, man. I believe he knows it. He doesn’t want bigger, he wants better. Disney ain’t better.

  7. Is anyone else tired of this particular speculation? – KennyLucius
    I’m not only tired of the speculation, if this was news I wouldn’t care. I come here for talk and news about Apple, not Steve Jobs. I’m not complaining though, MDN can post what they want and it’s clear that there are readers here that care.

  8. Disney may not be better currently but Steve may want the challenge of making Disney better. Steve Jobs is exactly what Disney needs right now. He shares a similar vision that Walt had where quality will win out, something Disney hasn’t had in quite some time. Eisner’s bottom line mentality has completely stripped Disney of all of it’s creativity. That said, it would suck if Apple ended up losing Jobs, although I think the company is currently in good shape and able to thrive without him.

  9. … and Hillary Clinton will not be Kerry’s VP candidate.

    It doesn’t matter to the press when people say “no way in Hell”. That still means “possibly yes” to them.

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