Apple shares set new 52-week high to close at $25.16

Shares of Apple Computer (AAPL) closed up $1.24, or 5.18%, at $25.16 in heavier-than-usual-for-AAPL NASDAQ trading today on 11,789,828 share volume to set a new 52-week high.

NASDAQ AAPL quote here.


  1. iPod sales are expected to be $ 1 billion this year and $2 billion next year.

    Educational sales are up 2.7%, water cooled Powerbook G5 sales will be a record, matching existing G5 sales of around 800,000 units or perhaps slightly more, depending upon price set.

    eMac and iMac sales will be sluggish, iBooks will get a new Motorola G4 processor, possibly the iMacs and eMacs also.

    “Big Mac” will become the worlds largest supercomputer, they are adding 3x the amount of X-serves as we speak, Apple is going to hit Europe with new stores in trendy places.

    And how do I know this? I crunch proteins and make friends. You can crunch them too. Very tasty.

  2. I bought about $1,000 (+/-) of Apple stock @ $12.xx/share last spring. The target price on the street is $29.xx/share. At that price, I can buy a G5 for about what a mainstream PC costs. Otherwise, I’m going to see if Apple Stock can pay (or help pay) for a new G5. Looks good so far.

  3. NoPCZone
    Same here. I bought (more though) at $13 plus what I have from employee stock purchase plan. I am not going to sell those now. I have strong feeling that this is going to be up up up all the way. It is not going to stop to $30 or $35.
    Few days ago Fred Andersson (my hero) mentioned ……. $10 billion company ….. high profits …… dividend ……. can’t comment future products …… HP deal not exclusive …… can’t comment future deals …… .

    I think the message is clear so my recommendation is keep and buy more ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. writer noted: “Apple is going to hit Europe with new stores in trendy places.”

    Most Europeans buy their computers at un-trendy places…in Germany the biggest-selling computers are through grocery store chains such as Aldi and Lidl…selling at half the price of Apple very-high priced sortiment and all given very high marks by computer publications.

  5. Aldi and Lidl???

    Anyone who shops there has no idea of quality anyway. If they can’t be bothered buying food with taste, they’re not going to look for a computer with one, are they?

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