Netsky-D Windows worm spreading; Macintosh unaffected

“A new computer worm dubbed ‘Netsky-D’ was clogging e-mail systems around the world after emerging on Monday, a security expert said,” Reuters reports. “The worm is particularly difficult to root out because it lands in e-mail boxes using a number of different subject lines such as ‘re:details’ or ‘re:here is the document.'”

“‘It arrives with an attached pif file (program information file) and it’s already extremely widespread,’ said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos Plc. He said experts do not think the new virus is as big as MyDoom, which brought havoc to computer users and targeted Microsoft’s Web Site, but that the full extent of Netsky-D’s spread would be known as North America logs on. When opened, the virus pif file will rapidly replicate itself, slowing down computers and e-mail bandwidth,” Reuters reports.

Macintosh users are unaffected beyond the usual ‘Net and email slowdowns due to Windows machines executing this worm.

Full article here.

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  1. You are welcome. I am a fan of Foxtrot (hey, it has a geek in the family!) and what makes it more fun is the Mac references (iMac, PM G3 B&W, iPod, etc.) Amends occasionally slips into his comic strip.

  2. Yeah, R.V., if ever a day goes by when Microsoft isn’t getting attention for some security-related flaw in Windows *that* will surely be big news. Seems like any positive press they get nowadays is forced and contrived, apologetic and pessimistically hopeful, etc. Surely the premier comedy/tragedy spotlight of this industry.

  3. My colleague has a PC (and all the problems associated with his Windows OS). He refuses to get a Mac because this would be a tacit admission of the superiority of the Mac OS. He just can’t let go of the illusion that Longhorn, whenever it arrives, will be so much better than the current Mac OS at the time. Gotta admire his optimism, but I wonder who will be treating all those depressed Windows folks when Longhorn eventually does make the scene?

  4. I run a Mac and just received a warning and a copy of an email that i supposedly sent that has all the hallmarks of this virus. My computer is OK but am I spreading the virus?

  5. yesh – me too – long time mac user and obviously first time had to deal with this pulava, but i’m gettin about 6 emails a day with this .pif(fle) …. is there anything i can do about it, or just wait till the pest goes away… – my machine seems to be sending them out too according to the ‘undeliverable mail’ i seem to be sending/receiving…?

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