Netsky-D Windows worm spreading; Macintosh unaffected

“A new computer worm dubbed ‘Netsky-D’ was clogging e-mail systems around the world after emerging on Monday, a security expert said,” Reuters reports. “The worm is particularly difficult to root out because it lands in e-mail boxes using a number of different subject lines such as ‘re:details’ or ‘re:here is the document.'”

“‘It arrives with an attached pif file (program information file) and it’s already extremely widespread,’ said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos Plc. He said experts do not think the new virus is as big as MyDoom, which brought havoc to computer users and targeted Microsoft’s Web Site, but that the full extent of Netsky-D’s spread would be known as North America logs on. When opened, the virus pif file will rapidly replicate itself, slowing down computers and e-mail bandwidth,” Reuters reports.

Macintosh users are unaffected beyond the usual ‘Net and email slowdowns due to Windows machines executing this worm.

Full article here.

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  1. Maybe reporters should be instructed to call these what they are:
    Not internet worms
    Not computer worms
    Microsoft Windows Worms
    The vulnerablility does not reside in the internet, computers in general or even x86 hardware. It resides in the lead product from the home of “trustworthy computing”, Micro$oftopoly.

  2. Sorry about double post, but I cannot help myself. MS launched a website called [url=][/url] (=Internet security advisory) last month on a National Internet Security day, in Finland. What a joke.
    Anyway, krackers/hackers/whoever hacked the site and its still down. They were running Windows server software, that much is obvious.
    Some finnish it-website blamed brasilian hackers for it. Somehow I doubt it but it couldn’t happen to a nicer fellow…

  3. I agree with NoPCZone. It’s a great idea. Use the words “Microsoft Windows Worms” every time you talk about this plague and sooner or later the reporters will start using the same words. This is important. Not because I hate Microsoft but because I want a safe Internet and a safe Windows PC even though I prefer to use Mac OS X.

  4. You guys should start a new section called “Virus Daily News” just for these articles. Although I’m a Mac user and have no need for the updates I’m sure millions of Windows users will flock to the “VD” site to get their latest updates.

  5. It is getting to the point that the newsworthy information would be the days that there Isn’t a worm loose on the net.


    Wake up Windows Lemmings! There is a far better choice you can make in computer platforms!

  6. Windows IS a weapon of mass destruction and can be found.
    Seroiusly, labeling the worms and viri (pl of virus, I think) as Windows worms and Viri would do a lot to educate the masses. Most average PC users think that putting up with this crap comes with using computers and the internet. Labeling them for what they are might get the wheels turning in their head.

  7. It is getting to the point where there is almost nothing more to be said about this. I mean it literally is getting to be so common that people must be getting numb to the news of a new virus. Those poor bastards. There are none so blind as those that will not see.

  8. Those PC IT guys need something to do. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> If they had a Mac IT guy, he’d be sitting around like that Maytag repair guy. 😀

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