Disney CEO Steven P. Jobs?

“At News Corp., some people already are envisioning the jobs they might snag at Walt Disney Co. should their boss, Peter Chernin, wind up succeeding Michael Eisner,” Sallie Hofmeister reports for The Los Angeles Times. “They’re sheepish, but they can’t resist. ‘I have to admit,’ said one person who works for Chernin, the media’s conglomerate’s chief operating officer, ‘I’ve thought about it.’ Chernin is widely viewed by people in the industry, and by investors and headhunters, as the most logical candidate for Eisner’s job, which hangs in the balance this week.”

Hofmeister reports that Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs is considered one of the potential Eisner replacements:

Wall Street has speculated for some time that the co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. could sell his vaunted Pixar Animation Studios to Disney and end up succeeding Eisner as CEO. Such talk intensified when Pixar failed in January to renew a lucrative alliance with Disney that has led to blockbusters such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo.”

On the other hand, Pixar’s success doesn’t mean Jobs is ready to run an entertainment giant seven times its size. “He’s got the vision thing and leadership skills, but it’s a big leap,” said a leading recruiter.

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  1. It just isn’t feasible for Jobs to be the Disney CEO unless he dropped Apple and Pixar. Disney does do a lot more than just animated flicks. Let Jobs focus on the technology so I can get my dual terahertz G8s in about 6 years.

  2. “lucrative alliance with Disney that has led to blockbusters such as “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo.”

    Alliance that has led? Pixar did ALL the work and Disney got 50% for distributing? I’m with Chomper. DISNEY failed to renew the contract, not Pixar.

  3. “Alliance that has led? Pixar did ALL the work and Disney got 50% for distributing?”

    Distribution, manufacturing, promotion (big one there), but I do agree, Pixar did the heavy lifting.

    Disney CEO or not, I don’t see Jobs leaving Apple anytime soon.

  4. I don’t think Steve should take the job at Disney if it were offered, but knowing Steve’s ego (and some say competition with Bill Gates) he just might take it. If he did I think it would be rather disastrous. Disney’s board I doubt would do well under a Steve like rule. Those are my thoughts.

  5. Bad idea all around for Jobs and Apple and Disney. Disney has distribution down of course and Pixar benefited, but we all know we are entering a brave new world on many levels including promotion and distribution of movies. Just ask the RIAA. There is no reason this couldn’t be done by others or eventually be replaced by digital means.

    Steve knows this and needed Disney for gaining a foothold in the past. The deal giving Disney 50% of revenue for Pixars and Pixars work alone didn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Come to think of it, Apple pretty much did the same thing, taking a more direct distribution and sales route when they dropped the manufacturers rep company’s in the mid 80’s. They were in effect the “Disney” in the equation and they got a pittance for their work compared to what Disney is getting.

  6. What irks me even more is that everyone thinks Disney did the stinkin movies!!! When will people get it right that Pixar did the movies and Disney was the equivalent of Wal-Mart, merely distributing the item?

  7. right you are chomper. Wal-Mart could probably get a better deal going direct to Pixar. Savings of 50% off the top. UPS could ship them to the stores or Walmart could pick them up. Savings there. There are many duplicators out there.. Savings alot. Seperating from Disney… priceless


    I wonder what Jobs offered them. 3% .. 7%. Something reasonable. The only thing Disney had to bring to the table was name recognition and that’s not what it used to be.

  8. I agree with the “Disney” in equivalent. Jobs should go ahead and lead Pixar to produce more and more movies, build theme parks, manufacture merchandise, well, in other words – do better than Disney.

  9. That was an L.A. Times story. Not a Baltimore Sun story – they ran a syndicated article.

    The woman who wrote that is like a Texas National Guard “champagne division” (Colin Powel’s words, not mine!) member pretending to fight in a real war. She’s not equipped.

    Or she’s trying to finagle a job at Disney. What a lame excuse for reporting. In my Journalism 101 class at the University of Missouri, they taught us to check our facts before, during and after writing anything.

  10. One thing that Jobs would not have at Disney: control. He owns Pixar, and Apple is completely dependent on him right now. Apple wrote him a blank check when they bought NeXTStep and asked him to take over. Whoever gets appointed as Disney CEO will not be given a blank check.

    I can see many ways in which Apple and Pixar would benefit from Jobs running Disney, but I don’t think such favoritism would be too easy to implement. As soon as Jobs takes the CEO position, people will be lined up to knock him down, fighting every decision he makes (especially the decision to put iPods and iMacs in every Disney store.)

  11. Yea, Steve Jobs is going to leave TWO companies he has a financial stake in to work for a company he does not own that just signed an extensive digital content deal with Microsoft. uh-huh.
    Dream On

  12. I think Jobs doesn’t have much financial stake at Apple. His fortune is mainly tied to Pixar. He leads Apple because Apple was his creation and Apple is a company that lets him execute his visions. I can’t see him leaving Apple since the last time he did, Apple almost died.

    There is much more than financial stakes. Eisner makes hundred of millions at Disney even when Disney is going through a painful downturn. I suspect, for some people (Gates excluded), after one reaches a certain number of dollars, it becomes unimportant and one realizes that there are other ways to make your mark on earth. After all, what is the difference between $1B and $10B. Both let normal people do what they want anyway.

  13. …Pixar’s success doesn’t mean Jobs is ready to run an entertainment giant seven times its size…

    Hah! Try doesn’t want to on for size.

    We’ll get two-button mouses with Macs before Jobs runs Disney.

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