San Fran mayors, Steve Jobs cut ribbon for new Apple Store with enthusiastic crowd on hand

“While the crowds — who numbered around twelve hundred at opening, according to Apple’s official count — may have been expected, the store’s special guests were not. Many anticipated company CEO Steve Jobs would be on hand to open the store, but few could have guessed that the company would have both current Mayor Gavin Newsom as well as San Francisco’s former mayor Willie Brown in attendance to cut the ribbon. It was under Mayor Brown’s guidance that the city undertook many of the rehabilitation programs that helped to reshape the area,” David Schloss reports for MacCentral.

“‘I think this signals confidence in the retail quality of this area,’ said a beaming Brown from inside the Apple store while employees and customers clapped and danced to booming music. ‘It represents a second step in the development of the Union Square region. The refurbishment of Union Square [itself] was the first step, The private sector development and the opening of the Apple Store is the second,'” Schloss reports.

“The city’s current Mayor, Gavin Newsom couldn’t agree more. …Mayor Newsom waxed philosophic on the significance of Apple’s investment in the region. ‘I think that this store is significant [for this area]. Obviously this is an extraordinary brand with significant character. I think this side of the street has struggled more,’ said Mayor Newsom of the part of Union Square south of Powell, which has spent less time in the spotlight than the shops closer to cable cars and the park,” Schloss reports. “‘I think that it’s significant that [Apple has] found themselves in an area between the manufacturing regions and the commercial regions of the city. They are anticipating a commercial trend that I think is inevitable and they are going to be the heart of it.’ …If today’s enthusiastic crowds were any indication, it’s an investment that will pay off many times over.”

Full article here.

MacNN has posted a photo gallery of the opening here. MacNN reports opening crowd in excess of 1,500.

Quicktime movies of the opening lines and festivities here.


  1. What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    What was in the bags?!?!!!
    While Newsome was there did he do any lesbian marriages?

  2. That was a good idea to import the Fukubukuro (Lucky Bags). This is creating even more media exposure. I wish I could get one even though I probably already own a lot of what would be in it.

  3. I guess you haven’t been getting enough publicity lately huh Gavin, so now you have to show up at the Apple Store to taint their ceremony too. For God’s sake Gavin, just don’t hold any gay marriages on the glass staircase inside the Apple Store. At least keep your disregard for California law at your office where it belongs.

  4. Y’know, Mike, someone that worried about gay weddings (I haven’t heard anything about civilization collapsing, or raining frogs in S.F.–so far it just looks like a lot of happy folks getting married) must be compensating for something. Not feeling a little limpwristed, are you? Don’t worry, at some point you’ll find the right guy.

  5. Good morning. What what what? Is it possible to be married in the Apple temple?? Me and G(ay)5 want to be married there asap.
    Ok I think I need my coffee now.

  6. I’m hoping the London store looks this good. I was down on Oxford Circus last week and walked past the building site that it’s going to be housed in.

    BTW, gay marriages, great idea. Rosie O’Donnell’s story about her partner’s correspondence being subpoena’ed against her in a law trial shows just why legal protection for gay relationships is required. Personally, I don’t think the word “marriage” should be used for any union made outside of a religious organisation (and that goes for straights who get hitched in a civil ceremony too), but I understand that the US is a far more religious country than mine, so it’s probably more important for people over there to use “marriage” as a description whenever two people build a life together.

    They were having a debate on a TV show here this morning about this issue, and some idiot rang in saying “How are we supposed to procreate and survive as a species if we all turn gay?” as her argument against. Some people are so ignorant you just have to laugh.

    OK, back to talking about the Apple Store.

  7. “One Guy from Finland”, I’ll marry you at the SF Apple store!

    (Who cares what he looks like. If he likes Macs that much, everything else is insignificant. Besides, I never met a Mac-head that I didn’t like.)

  8. Dave H
    Don’t you have gay marriages there were you live? We have it here. It has not changed anything only those who have married same sex are happier than what they were before. I wonder if one could re awake one of those ancient Greek religions and start a new marriage service under that. Or someone could rewrite what that Caesar Constantinus (337-340 A.D.) wrote when he denied gay marriages inside our Christian church. Funny is that Americans tells that they represent “freedom” and “democracy”. Freedom to do what? Democracy part is relatively new thing too. I can’t remember when African-Americans got the right to vote. I almost forgot that it is not that who gets more votes that wins the election it is the one who comes second. Oh well. It is nice that Apple makes little politics too by inviting the two mayors of the San Francisco to the opening party of the new flagship store. Apple&Think; Different ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  9. One thing that would be fun ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />
    Ok. No more beer for me. I go to bed now. Good night.

  10. One guy, in England and Wales the legislation is just going through Parliament to give gay and lesbian couples equal rights to all the financial and legal benefits enjoyed by hetero couples. Currently there is a register in London, but similar to the situation in some US states, it doesn’t really give equality outside of those matters that the London Assembly and the City Boroughs have direct control over, making it a nice gesture, but basically useless in equality terms.

    I know we’re really behind some European countries, especially Scandinavia, on this one (thank Margaret Thatcher and her anti-AIDS overreaction), but finally it does look as if our supposed leaders have realised that the State and the Church actually aren’t the same thing, and are setting aside the bigotry of an extremely small section of the religious right to do something that should have been in place ten years ago.

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