eWeek: No Windows ‘Longhorn’ until 2008; superficial XP Reloaded ‘a bad idea that’ll probably be rus

“You heard it here first: Windows Longhorn, the follow-on to Windows XP, won’t be on store shelves until 2008


  1. If waiting for Longhorn is likely to tempt some PC users to reconsider their options for upgrading then Apple should offer, for a limited time, discount pricing for switchers when the new G5’s are made available or advertise switchers to “Buy one Mac and get a mini free.”

    Gee, I think I see Thurrot in disguise nervously standing in line at the Apple Store.

  2. the main difference between the matrix and this is that the matrix at leats started good this never had a hope in hell of being good. switch to osx and get the technology of today today not 8 years from now.

  3. I wonder if there is someone out there….. some little boy with a faint glimmer of hope that one day Microsofts reputation won’t be tarnished……. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……… I crack myself up…

  4. “I hope they release XP Reloaded. Followed by XP Revolutions. Which, like their matrix counterparts, won’t be very good.”

    You beat me to it! I wonder which marketing-droid came up with this brilliant naming scheme, considering that consumers will probably be thinking that whatever follows will be worse, a la “Matrix Revolutions”.

  5. I was waiting for someone to comment that in Reloaded, the Matrix recovered from the discovery of the One and reinforced itself against the people of Zion. In Revolution, the people of Zion stood up against the Matrix and won.

    It is fitting that MS releases XP Reloaded now after computer users start to realize what Windows is. I hope when MS releases Windows XP Revolution, computer users everywhere will have a revolution that topples MS dominance. The revolution begins now.

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