Apple CFO Anderson: Apple Retail Stores ‘creating significant growth’

“During a Goldman Sachs Technology Investment Symposium in Phoenix, chief financial officer Fred Anderson talked about the company’s financials, including about the retail stores. Much of the 26-minute talk repeated information that’s been previously released,” reports.

“Asked where the company would be ‘maxing out’ on the number of retail stores, Anderson repeated that the company has 76 stores today, would be opening the 77th ‘flagship’ stores in San Francisco this weekend, and would be opening the second international store in Osaka before the end of the year. He said the company is targeting ‘somewhere around 80 stores’ by back-to-school September,” reports.

“As for expansion beyond that, Anderson said the stores are already creating ‘significant’ growth for the company. He repeated that the company has developed a financial model based upon the sales experience of the existing stores. This model, based on regression analysis, can reliably predict the sales of a potential location in a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), based on the known Macintosh user base within 10-15 miles of the location,” reports.

“‘We don’t plan to open any stores that we don’t believe we have a chance to break even within the first year of operation,’ Anderson said. Unlike other companies, he added, Apple does not intend to have 300 stores–only profitable stores, and the enhancement of the company’s brand and other Apple resellers,” reports.

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  1. joel and mike:
    Why should any mac advertiser “waste” their money advertising on this mac website? the site is only for people that already own macs and is “preaching to the choir”.

    Uhhhh…could the answer be that if no one advertises on mac websites or publications there would be NO mac websites or publications?????

    Taking your logic further – since Apple market share is so small and it seems that the only people buying apple computers are people that already own Apple computers, then Apple should not even advertise at all….

    Aureka! Now we know the reason Apple advertising is so bad and non-existant. Apple must know that the vast majority of people that will buy their computers already own them.
    It does not look good for Apple in expanding their market….

  2. And to take joel and mike�s “preaching to the choir” anti-advertising idea in mac websites and magazines a step further, then I guess macdailynews (and all other mac websites and publications) should start adding some “mac sucks – windows is better” news to attract advertising dollars from apple (and other apple vendors) to counter any pro-windows/anti-mac news & info….

    mac-centric websites and magazines need money to operate, advertising $$$ keep them in business. No ad $$$, no website or magazine.

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