Analyst: iPod mini ‘a very slick product’ that ‘raises the bar’ for competitors

“The debut of the iPod mini, Apple Computer’s newest portable music player, has many digital music fans singing its praises and competitors singing the blues. Priced at $249, the device packs spacious capacity into a compact unit, along with colorful styling and a smaller price tag, to Apple’s already-popular iPod lineup. Apple announced had booked online orders for more than 100,000 units — representing sales of $25 million — even the mini’s official launch,” John M. Moran reports for The Hartford Courant.

“Launch of the iPod mini comes amid sharply rising sales of songs over the Internet. Experts said consumers who buy music in that format then want portable players that give them the flexibility to take that music with them in the car or on foot. ‘It looks like a very slick product,’ said John Barrett, a research analyst who tracks portable audio players for market research firm Parks Associates. ‘I think it raises the bar a little bit for everybody. People are going to expect the players to be smaller and still hold quite a few songs,'” Moran reports.

“The 100,000 iPod minis sold by advance orders represent about 2.6 percent of the 3.8 million digital music players sold during 2003. Parks Associates projects sales of 5.1 million portable audio players this year,” Moran reports. “Initial sales of the iPod mini represent only a small bite of Apple’s $6.74 billion annual revenue. But the product helps extend the company’s considerable presence in the digital music industry. Apple’s iTunes Music Store, which sells digital music over the Internet, is estimated to have 70 percent of the market for downloaded music sales.”

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  1. My wife got hers last Thursday. After showing the pretty little thing at work, three of her co-workers ordered a mini ipod. They basically sell themselves.

    Go Apple!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. how sad it is that people measure the value of their president by how much money they get back at the end of one year, without comparing it to what they and their kids and grand kids will be paying for the next 40 years.

    sorry for the political discourse. this one was for grandpa

  3. Billy Boy and Randy-Grandpa was being sarcastic. I would much rather see a few more jobs and increased spending on education than being able to buy an iPod and listen to Led Zeppelin because of a few extra dollars from a tax return.

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