ZDNet Executive Editor Coursey: ‘Macs don’t crash and Windows machines do’

“In my computing life, there’s one constant: The Macs don’t crash and the Windows machines do. I mention this because on Thursday I went to see my friend Rob (Enderle, the noted industry analyst) and took along my Fujitsu Tablet PC. I used it at Rob’s house to take notes of our meeting,” writes David


  1. He should have taken it round to Enderle’s and asking him to fix it as he’s a ‘noted industry analyst’ – I notice he didn’t mention what he was noted for!

  2. Well, you know, David makes his living writing about computers so he has to use Winblows too so he knows what he’s writing about. And he knows what works and what not.

  3. I was reading through some of the replies to the article over at zdnet and this one struck me as funny… the basic idea was that the poster used to be a mac user for 10 years, but then got pissed because his OS 9 apps wouldn’t all work in X. So he switched to the PC.

    I wanted to slap the guy. Duh!!! Expecting all the apps to work is like expecting an app built for windows 98 to work in XP. Some do, some don’t… and the winXP “compatibility mode” doesn’t do crap. The guy’s real response should have been, “I was too cheap to buy new mac apps so I instead bought new PC apps.” idiots.

  4. jeff: I’m no expert, but I think almost all Win98 apps run in XP. Only those apps produced by Amateur Programmers don’t run, and the occasional hardware-intensive app like diagnostic tools.

    The impressive backward-compatibility of Windows is one of it’s big problems.

  5. One thinkg that a couple of people replying to that article raised was Apple’s one button mouse. I know that we all know a one button mouse isn’t obligatory and that multi button mice are handled by the OS just fine, but I think maybe it is a reasonable for a potential switcher to make the assumption that an Apple mouse is one button. It’s maybe not immediately obvious that macs use USB mice. These potential switchers probably think it’s some proprietary inteface when they see it plugged into the keyboard and then plugged into the display.

    I’m not quite sure how they can fix it short of hooking up a multi button mouse to every other machine in an Apple store and having a multi-button mouse as a BTO option on the webstore

  6. Kenny, you would be mistaken about Win98 apps running in XP. There was a major break between Windows 98 and Windows 2000, let alone Windows XP. It was mostly a hardware thing, but software was a problem too. Windows does not have impressive backwards compatiblity, except for a few lucky ones who had the right applications, like you. OS X has done at least as well in that arena. Sure some OS 9 apps don’t work. But the same can be said on the Windows side. I was a beta tester of Windows 2000. So I know whereof I speak. Why do you think I finally went Mac??? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

  7. The replies on ZDnet’s web site tell quite a bit about windows users – they are ready to lynch him for suggesting a Mac. 95-98% of the world’s desktops is not enough of a comfort zone for them.

  8. Some of the commentors on the site were complaining about Mac Users “preaching”. Man, if you know something is better and could solve a lot of the problems that someone else is experiencing it is very hard if you are basically a good person to not try and help them.

    Of course the most common reaction by someone being told they are doing it wrong is to get defensive and that is where the arguments start. Then it can become almost malicious fun on the Mac users part. I mean argueing superiority of Mac over Windoze is like shooting fish in a barrel. Having an argument when you are so obviously right and the other person so wrong but still insisting on holding to their position can easily tempt a lot of people into taking advantage of the situation to totally face the other person.

    This pisses the PC users off even more and is when they start using phrases like Cult of Steve or Mac Zealot. A nice pigeonhole they can shove Mac users into that does not require any logical argument to do so.

  9. The reason most Winblows users get so bent about someone suggesting that the Mac is better is because they know it’s true. Who wants to be told that they spent their hard earned cash on a piece of crap. Who wants to have their nose rubbed in the fact that they can’t afford a really good machine so they’re stuck with a PC. Windows users would rather you patted them on the head and reassured them that all computers suck and they have the best their money could buy

  10. I wonder what Mercedes-Benz owners would like if someone asked them to change their cars to Toyota cars? Or BMW motor to work under Windows. Oops I forgot that it does and it does not work properly.

    I am sick and tired to that it takes so long to these writers to realise how good the Mac is. This guy is only one away from the dark side. There should be more. What can we do to help the situation? It is so difficult to fight against the Windows when the Windows media is so strong. This nightmare still continues. Dell is second????

  11. LOL – He did catch a virus from Enderle!!
    From the readers responses: “The problem with the Tablet PC is a virus – the “winlogin” task is a virus. The legitimate program is called “winlogon”.”

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