NY Post: Apple’s ‘Steve Jobs is on a roll, again’

“Steve Jobs is on a roll, again. With iTunes music Web site, the hot new iPod mini-digital device from Apple and Pixar’s wildly successful animation movie ‘Finding Nemo,’ you’d almost think that Jobs is becoming something of a media darling,” Hilary Kramer writes for The New York Post. “His companies’ new products are winning him press. And Pixar’s tough negotiating stance with distribution partner Disney, coupled with nephew Roy’s shareholder battle with Disney’s Board, has even prompted rumors that Jobs might even become the next head of the Mouse House.”

Kramer writes, “But before anyone anoints Jobs top cheese, let’s consider what kind of management guy he really is. There’s no question that he’s proven himself to be something of an iconoclastic visionary. Nevertheless, it’s that very vision that often clashes with his ability to be corporate management material. Said Harry J. DeMott III, a partner at Gothic Capital Management and media industry specialist, ‘Steve Jobs’ miscues were a function of his believing he was right and not willing to change when the consumer demanded something else. He has a knack for figuring out what people want, but sometimes he was 10 years ahead of himself.'”

“Many agree Jobs is innovative. It’s why he’s successful. Yet some of his initiatives never amounted to much,” Kramer writes. “Sure, everyone remembers the first Apple and the Macintosh, but does anyone remember what a flop Apple Lisa was? Or how about his other startup, NeXT Computers, and its commercially challenged “mainframes on a desk” for $4,000 a pop?”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Actually, an up-to-date version of the OS found in those NeXT computers is in use by over 10 million users today – it’s called Mac OS X. More info on Apple’s purchase of NeXT here.


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    Control click on a song… and click “Copy iTunes Music Store URL” throw it in a browser, like Safari and Bam!… it takes you to the iTunes Music Store, inside iTunes of course… I get what your saying though… it’s not really through a real web browser, but through iTunes… But I guess Safari is an application and a browser, so iTunes can be an application and a browser too. Everybody wins the argument! Yay!!! Peace at last!

    (and no, I’m not a Nickelback fan, it was just an random song I clicked on.)

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