Fortune: Apple ranked fourth most admired computer industry company

Fortune’s annual list of America’s Most Admired Companies is now out. Apple placed fourth in the computer industry list with a score of 6.11; just below IBM (6.90), Dell (6.75), and Xerox (6.13).

“For the industry, Apple placed first in innovation and quality of products/services, third in employee talent, and forth in quality of management, social responsibility, and long term investment,” MacNN reports.

Wal-Mart topped Fortune’s list this year overall, followed by Berkshire Hathaway, Southwest, General Electric, Dell, and Microsoft.

Full article here.


  1. Heh. So either with only “3%” of the market Apple got that many users to vote or there are a lot of PCers who really wished they could be on a Mac. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Considering that dell has a HUGE market share, it can be expected that in a telephone survey of IT professionals more positive responses will go to dell (b/c more of those professionals will have racks of dell computers). It would have been nice if the results had been normalized to each of the companies’ market shares. But then that’d screw with the purpose of the article.

  3. Dell second????? I come back and they still haven’t corrected the news. Dell second??????
    I wake up soon. This must be a nightmare I am having.
    I must try to change this nightmare to a good dream of PowerBook G5.
    Must wake up!

  4. Wal Mart topped the chart? Then it must have been weighted AGAINST social responsiblity. That’s one are my company takes great pride in. We aren’t socially responsible at all. How can you be and do business like us?

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