Apple’s iPod becomes a popular target for thieves

“Apple’s iPod music player is not only popular with shoppers – it is also becoming increasingly popular with criminals. A series of muggings of people for their iPods has been reported, and experts warn the distinctive white headphones could be the secret of its appeal to criminals,’ Mark Prigg reports for The Evening Standard.

“Gary Parkinson, deputy editor of gadget magazine Stuff, claimed the key for owners was to change the headphones. ‘Having white headphones might be stylish but they act as an indicator to thieves. You really are an obvious target if you use them. The other problem is that the iPod is so shiny and lovely that you always want to get it out and show people. However, this attracts criminals like magpies. We’d recommend people use the remote control and keep the iPod itself in a pocket,'” Prigg reports.

Full article here.


  1. The article said one guy that got mugged had bought it with a credit card so it was insured and he could get a replacement. What is up with that??? Is this something special that you can sign up for? I have never heard of it.

  2. Jack,

    American Express offers replacement service, among many other things. The membership fee has always been a cause of contention, but in my view it is well worth it, and Amex has proven themselves many times over for me. Their service and client support are second to none. Sorry about the off-topic Amex plug.


    I disagree completely with you. The ear-buds fit my (admittedly large) ear canals perfectly and they are capable of being as loud as hell without distortion. I much prefer them to other headphones I have tried.

  3. Mine got stolen without noticing. I was just walking down a crowded street, with the iPod in my belt-clip. It wasn’t turned on and I had the headphones inside my jacket. 10 minutes later it was gone.. didn’t even feel anything. Quite scary. It was a 10GB 2G iPod.

    But I was quite lucky, my insurance gave me a full refund which at that time payed for a 20GB 3G iPod. So for me it wasn’t really that bad..

  4. “It is going to be a slow Mac news day.”

    Yep. I couldn’t help thinking this morning that us Mac lovers are really like drug addicts. The euphoria slowly wears off until Apple gives us another fix.

  5. And, of course, always know your serial number. Police can’t do much if you don’t have that (or some other identifying engraving a la slp). I’ve had some of my tools stolen from job sites with absolutely no chance of ever seeing them again. A simple spreadsheet that is backed up will help me with the police the next time it happens.

  6. <<Yep. I couldn’t help thinking this morning that us Mac lovers are really like drug addicts. The euphoria slowly wears off until Apple gives us another fix.>>

    More like most of us are playing with our awesome new iPod minis and aren’t concerned with the news right now…

  7. If anyone remembers, I predicted thieves will increasingly target iPods.

    After all, where can you a $500 easy to hide, easy to grab, easy to resell device with a bonus of a few thousand dollars worth of music?

    I also predicted college campuses would be the where it will start.

    The smart, the poor and desperate.

    Cure Disease

  8. Griffin sells an iShoot. It’s a 9mm add-on for the 3G iPod. There’s also a .22 version for the mini that’s in the works. Ammo is hollow-point and comes in designer colors. Perfect for self-defense while strolling city streets or suburban rape trails.

  9. Amex Blue has no annual fee and you get the purchase protection mentioned above. Amex will replace the item as long as you file a police report and it has been lost/damaged/stolen within 90 days of purchase. Its a great card for us under-earners.

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