CBS News: Apple iPod, iPod mini ‘make every other system feel clunky by comparison’

“I was totally underwhelmed when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPod mini at the MacWorld Expo in January but now that it’s actually on the market, and after playing with the new device, I’m starting to understand its appeal,” Larry Magid reports for CBS News.

“My first reaction was ‘big deal.’ Apple had already impressed me and much of the world with its first three generations of iPod music players. After all, creating a device that enables music lovers to carry not just “a tune,” but up to 10,000 in the palm of their hand is indeed an impressive accomplishment – perhaps the biggest contribution to portable music since Sony invented the Walkman back in 1979. But the latest iteration seemed like a tiny step backward,” Magid reports.

“Specifications don’t tell the whole story. You have to see and feel this machine to truly appreciate it. A half-inch thick and otherwise the same dimensions as a business card, the iPod mini is a truly elegant accessory,” Magid writes. “It’s not just smaller than its predecessors. It’s prettier, more elegant and even a bit easier to use… Apple has developed an incredibly intuitive interface that makes every other system feel clunky by comparison.”

Magid opines, perhaps forgetting that Apple has over 100,000 pre-orders for iPod mini before it even ships, “If the iPod cost $199 instead of $249, it would be an excellent value despite its relatively low capacity. At its present price, it’s definitely an expensive alternative to lower capacity memory-based music players as well as some hard drive systems from other companies. Still, as buyers of luxury automobiles have long demonstrated, there are plenty of people who are willing to pay a bit more for elegance and style.”

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  1. This is where MDN can be hypocritical through their silence. Everyone knows that Apple isn’t responsible for the interface of iPods, but because this is a pro-apple article you choose not to correct it.

  2. Shoffrain is mistaken. Apple designed the user interface. I believe is talking about Portalplayer. That company designed the operating software not the GUI or the method by which you go through the menu. So there!

  3. One other thing. The new solid state click wheel on the iPod mini is an Apple design and is “patent pending”. Look for it to appear on the regular iPod and other Apple devices in the near future.

  4. one more thing…

    I can’t believe you idiots don’t know Apple doesn’t make the UI do some research you idiotic idiots. Apple apple apple you’d think they were the second coming of the christ

  5. “perhaps forgetting that Apple has over 100,000 pre-orders for iPod mini before it even ships, “If the iPod cost $199 instead of $249 . . .” -MDN
    I think the statement the author makes still holds up even considering the 100,000 pre-orders. He’s not saying that it would sell better at $199, everyone knows that, he is justifiably considering the value based mainly on price and capacity, and I think he hit’s the nail on the head — ” . . .pay a bit more for elegance and style.”

  6. Shoffrain, you are the idiot. Apple designed the interface. If you don’t believe so, and claim to be so smart, let’s see a URL to prove your point, instead of infantile name-calling. Steve Jobs described, at the intro of the first iPod, how they deisgned it. And he did say they did the interface. That company you are referring to, without even actually mentioning their name, designed the OS, not the interface.

    So stop playing with yourself, and put up or shut up.

  7. Re: iPod Designer

    There are undoubtedly hundreds of fingers in the design of anything, some are in-house while often many things are out-sourced. Regardless, it is the final decision of Steve &Co;. for the products final function and appearance, and they are the ones to design the unit as a unified product. The iPod is an Apple design, and it is not a product that had already existed by another manufacturer with an Apple logo slapped on it.

  8. Shoffrain is evidently one of those kinds of people who likes to offer “incomplete” observations knowing full well that people will be confused, at best, with what he is truly saying. Independent of whether or not there’s a valid point behind what Shoffrain is saying, the only clear message, to me, is that Shoffrain has some self-image or self-confidence challenges.

  9. So stop playing with yourself, and put up or shut up.

    Actually, I think we should encourage him to go play with himself, he sounds like he needs it, would reduce some tension he’s obviously experiencing. :-p

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