RUMOR: Sony looking to buy Steve Jobs’ Pixar?

“Shares of Pixar jumped more than 5 percent in early trading Thursday as word circulated that Sony Corp. is looking to buy the computer animation company,” Russ Britt reports for “Pixar climbed $3.64, or 5.5 percent, to $69.45. Analysts said a trading rumor hit the market floor that Sony planned to make a bid for Pixar at $75 a share. The news also showed up as a short line in’s ‘Market Chatter’ page. Sony shares rose $1.25, or 3 percent, to $42.64.”

“Neither Sony nor Pixar officials were immediately available for comment. Analysts aren’t giving the idea much credence. Pixar Chairman and Chief Executive Steve Jobs controls 60 percent of the company’s floating shares, meaning he would want to give up control of the entity he’s nurtured,” Britt reports. “‘My opinion is that even if Sony offered $100 a share, Steve Jobs would reject the bid,’ said David Miller of Sanders Morris Harris. ‘He’s essentially the board.’ ‘I would find a Sony acquisition of Pixar to be highly unlikely,’ said Steve Lidberg of Pacific Crest Securities.”

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  1. Next rumor…Sony wants to buy Apple because of iPod….

    Or buy both and call new division “PixApple”…

    Or Steve will buy Sony AND Disney and bundle it with Pixar and Apple and call the new company “iSteve”….

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  2. Well, I read the headline and laughed as I thought any deal involving a takeover of Pixar woud need to convince Steve to sell his majority stake in the company. Of course, it was nice to see the story mention Steve’s majority stake, because rumors normally ignore the obvious. Anyhow, I thought Steve’s stake was 55%, not 60%, but that’s neither here nor there, he still has majority control.

    While I think the idea is farfetched, it does make sense in a couple ways. One, it allows Steve to cash out, seeing as he has little creative input as others do the actual creating. Steve’s just the CEO-owner. And two, it frees Steve up to do something else, besides running Apple. He could actually have the time to run Disney!

  3. Everyone has a price? What’s he gonna do with more billions. What he ought to do is start the distribution system for video. Add Pixar videos to the iTunes Music Store. Shipped next day, walmart prices. It wouldn’t take much. Eventually offer more from other studios, or maybe even immediately, riding on the success of iTMS. If it ever becomes possible to download videos, the building blocks are in place.

  4. KenC: Why would he want to run Disney if Pixar is owned by Sony? That’s like selling your Lear Jet so that you can command a fleet of model boats.

    This whole article is silly. I’ll bet someone is always looking into the possibility of buying Pixar. Why does anyone think Sony’s dream deserves mention?

  5. Surely, as much of his new found credibility and influence is fused with his position in Pixar to chuck that away simply to turn riches into extra riches would be anathema to someone with his ego.

    Well unless it bought him more influence elsewhere of course. But then whats bigger than Pixar that would allow him to be totally in control, because that ego would demand that, his Apple experience taught him that lesson surely.

  6. Rumor: Jimbo von Winskinheimer interested in buying Pixar. Details to follow…

    … and this just in: As the markets closed, Pixar was down $5.63 after rallying earlier today by as much as $4/share…


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