InfoWorld: ‘Apple Power Mac G5/Panther combo unrivalled in x86 world’

“Companies large and small routinely set their expectations of computer systems according to the capabilities of Intel-based x86 computers and 32-bit Windows. We


  1. This piece is a month old. I already read it in Tom Yager’s regular Infoworld column, and I’m pleased with his recent articles praising Apple and the Mac, especially those detailing his full time switch to OS X as his everyday system. He also has good things to say about the Xserve, which is now the main machine in his test lab.

  2. sjk – in my day that was known as a squelch. Try visualising it as up-ending a basin of jelly over somebodys head, and then twisting the bowl …..
    As we say Down-Under: Goodonyermate!

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