Windows NetSky e-mail worm spreading; Macintosh unaffected

“Antivirus software companies are warning that a new version of the NetSky e-mail worm is circulating on the Internet, only a day after the appearance of a new variant of the Beagle or ‘Bagle’ worm prompted similar warnings,” Paul Roberts reports for IDG News Service.

“NetSky.B, also known as Moodown.B, first appeared today and is spreading through infected e-mail messages and shared network folders. Once installed, NetSky tries to disable antivirus software, steal e-mail addresses and copy itself to shared network folders, antivirus companies said,” Roberts reports.

“The new worm is a modified version of NetSky.A, which appeared on Monday. Like its predecessor, NetSky.B arrives in e-mail messages that have randomly generated subject lines such as ‘something for you,’ ‘hello’ or ‘fake.’ The worm file is contained in a zipped attachment that also has a randomly generated name and file type such as ‘document’ ‘stuff’ or ‘party.’ File attachments with an .exe, .scr or .pif extension are also common, said antivirus company TruSecure Corp.,” Roberts reports.

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  1. How many times do I have to say it. My PC is not affected, so this virus does not exist. Even if it existed, that was because MS had 99.999% of computers. No one will target other obscure OSs. The recent source code leak will only strengthen Windows because all flaws (if there were any at all) will be exposed and Gates will personally code all the bug fixes. That is The Most Supreme Trustworthy Computing(tm) for you.

    Don’t believe me? Ask Thurrot or Enderle. BTW, you can expect $20 increase for MS shares.

  2. twelveightyone, they really do recommend that, I speak to at least one wintel sufferer a day who has been told by Dell or someone that the only way to remove a virus/worm is to format the hard disk and reinstall windows!

    You would think after the first few times they might get fed up and take a hard look at how much time/money they waste using windows

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