Windows NetSky e-mail worm spreading; Macintosh unaffected

“Antivirus software companies are warning that a new version of the NetSky e-mail worm is circulating on the Internet, only a day after the appearance of a new variant of the Beagle or ‘Bagle’ worm prompted similar warnings,” Paul Roberts reports for IDG News Service.

“NetSky.B, also known as Moodown.B, first appeared today and is spreading through infected e-mail messages and shared network folders. Once installed, NetSky tries to disable antivirus software, steal e-mail addresses and copy itself to shared network folders, antivirus companies said,” Roberts reports.

“The new worm is a modified version of NetSky.A, which appeared on Monday. Like its predecessor, NetSky.B arrives in e-mail messages that have randomly generated subject lines such as ‘something for you,’ ‘hello’ or ‘fake.’ The worm file is contained in a zipped attachment that also has a randomly generated name and file type such as ‘document’ ‘stuff’ or ‘party.’ File attachments with an .exe, .scr or .pif extension are also common, said antivirus company TruSecure Corp.,” Roberts reports.

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  1. The thing is, even if there is ONE Mac OS X virus that will still be 1/100,000 the number of windoze virii. Yet I agree, the windoze apologists will make a very big deal out of it (if it happens) and try to use it as justification that OS X is just as insecure as windoze.

  2. You don’t get it guys, Those aren’t viruses, they are thank you patches to M$’s million patch fixes they forced their users to apply.
    Now, M$ is getting weekly patches to fix security flaws…
    But since, it’s such a “shitty” OS, the patches will only make it worst.

  3. There WILL be a Mac OS X virus someday. It will probably have limited effects on each attacked system, because OS X’s design is more secure on several levels than Windows. But that one non-event will be blown (by some) into the equal of years of ongoing MAJOR flaws and attacks suffered by Windows users. Just watch ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Then eventually that will die down and Mac OS X users will be able to brag: “Mac OS X has viruses too. Here, I will now name all four!”

  4. Why do people insist on living in a home where constant time and attention is necessary to protect the owners from the burglars? They constantly spend their time patching their weak Windows and their Norton security alarm.

    It’s as if they never heard of locks.

    Why not buy a home with Apple locks instead?

    Patches and alarms do not keep burglars out; locks do.

    Isn’t the definition of insanity “Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results”?

    After 80,000 attacks, they continue at an ever-increasing rate with no hope of an end, and 80,000 MicroSoft excuses, why don’t people see the insanity of it?

    If before buying your computer, someone told you that there will be a new virus every day trying to attack it for the next 200 years, would you buy it? (1 virus per day for 80,000 days = over 200 years) Then why would you buy a computer that has 10 new viruses attacking it every day?

  5. Thahs like 1-2 new risks per day.


    Fortunately Mac at home. and at work our email domain is to new to be hit, i have only seen 1-2 to potential virii email. But that will probably change in 3-4 weeks. Then i guess we will be hit with a couple of hundred per week.

  6. I realize I may get flamed for this, but one of the key reasons that Mac OS X and OS Classic, as well as Unix and Linux, are not attacked by viruses nearly as often as Windows is because they aren’t as popular. A virus-writer’s goal is to cause as much damage, and therefore create as much publicity, as possible. If you have one target that makes up 75% of users, and 10 others that make up the remaining 25% – then your target of choice is clear. Yes, Windows has many security flaws. But it’s biggest flaw is being the biggest target.

    my 2 cents… (and btw, I’m on a Mac – so don’t think I’m some Windows supporter).

  7. That and the fact that people who use windoze seem to be incapable of knowing what a secure computer is. Fact is that if I click on an attachment and a popup window asks me for a password, I take that as a bad sign. Windoze doesn’t offer that, so virii can utilize those computers without the owner realizing what’s happening. Simply put, and its been done here many times, windoze isn’t just a bigger target, its a much, much easier target. It’s biggest flaw isn’t that its the biggest, its that its the easiest. Big just gets bigger KaBoom.

  8. “A virus-writer’s goal is to cause as much damage, and therefore create as much publicity, as possible.”

    Funny how a large MAJORITY of servers run UNIX:

    Servers contain much more valuable information and taking out large corporate UNIX servers would DEFINITELY cause more publicity.

    UNIX is over 30 years old, its bugs have been mostly ironed out. Its inherently more secure because of its design philosphy focusing on security and modularity.

    Not to mention that M$ leaves a huge kick me sign on Windows by running unnecessary services and leaving ports open that shouldn’t be.

  9. Chad, I hate to say this, but you’re naive. That argument is so tired and you should know that being that you are a Mac user.

    Look at it this way, if you have a choice of safes to crack which would you crack? The safe that is protected with a one number-combination lock or the safe that is protected with a 128 number combination lock.

    The architectural difference between Windows and the rest is vast. It is EASIER for amateurs to write a virus for Windows than other OSes. Plain and simple. Why make it difficult for yourself? It is human nature to go the easier route. And MS enables that behavior by building a simplistic operating system.

    It’s sad when you can compromise a system remotely with about 5 lines of code.

  10. rageous said – Feb 18, 04 | 12:12 pm – Bagle.b thread.

    Skynet is taking over.
    Judgment day is near.

    We could blame Hank Scorpio for this – but he’s apparently dead.

    We could ask Rainer Wolfcastle to help out, but he hates nerds.

    There’s still hope. There’s rumor that a T-1000 has been hiding out in Sacramento, disguised as a polly-tish-an!

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    [Sorry, sorry. That was way too easy. I couldn’t help myself.]

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