Associated Press: ‘take a serious look at’ Apple’s ‘smaller, sleeker’ iPod mini

“Smaller, sleeker and even more portable than its big brother from Apple Computer Inc., the new iPod mini is a wonderful choice if you can live without as many songs. While the regular iPod has models capable of storing up to 10,000 songs, the 4-gigabyte iPod mini holds a mere 1,000 tracks and is only $50 cheaper than the $299 iPod model, which stores 3,700,” Michael Felberbaum reports for The Associated Press.

“Still, the iPod mini – available in silver, gold, blue, pink and green – offers a sensible alternative to some of the market’s most popular flash card MP3 players, giving you a lot more space than any of them can offer. After I carried the iPod mini around for a few days, it became clear this device is made for portability and convenience,” Felberbaum reports.

“About 85 percent the size of the regular iPod, the mini is only a little larger than a business card (3.6 inches by 2 inches) and one-half of an inch thick. It weighs less than any cell phone available in the United States (3.6 ounces, or about two-thirds of a regular iPod),” Felberbaum reports. “The mini’s trendy, too: My green mini is a far cry from the boring, old, white iPod. The only thing you sacrifice is the amount of storage – the sound is as pristine, and the software is as easy to use.”

“If you’re looking for a small, lightweight MP3 player to carry around with you to the gym, work, or anywhere you please, take a serious look at the mini. It offers a great amount of storage space in an adequate size – I certainly don’t have 1,000 songs that I listen to on a regular basis,” Felberbaum reports.

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  1. “…boring old ipod!!…” now that’s something I disagree with.
    The “boring old ipod” is just as beautiful as the mini… even nicer in my view, however, it’d destined for a different clientele.

  2. I have been against the iPod mini for a while being that I have a huge music collection, but the doggone thing is growing on me. I think my fiancee would like one, and for the other players you can get from $199 to $249, the iPod mini can’t be beat.

  3. the spin on this article sux!!!! from the beginning of the article he plants the idea that the mini is too expensive doesnt store enough and that it only redeeming feature is it has more memory than any flash player and it beats there prices! this guy needs to learn an accurate reporting style.

  4. On the contrary, okcalla, I think he’s hit the nail on the head. Most people are critical of the iPod mini because of the “only” $50 difference to the 15GB iPod. What Apple has said all along, and what this reporter gets, is that the iPod mini is targeted against the flash players, not the larger hard drive-based players on the market, including the iPod.

    It seems that many of the iPod mini’s critics need to understand who the product is targeted toward and forget their own preconceptions and biases about who they think it should be targeted toward and what it competes against.

  5. okcalla, I’m with Used to be Jeff, I think the author is right on the mark. He has to point out that the mini is only $50 dollars less and has a lot less memory, since many people are going to see the specs and wonder why (and usually complain). However, he points out that the mini has other advantages and concludes that “Still, the iPod mini . . . offers a sensible alternative”.

  6. I’m not sure preconceptions are as much at issue there than common sense. A $199 price point would have been much more logical from that point of view. That’s why the audience greeted it with silence, it didn’t make sense and even Steve can’t be that persuasive. But still, it’s very cute and it’ll sell like hot cakes (100k preorders isn’t too shabby) and once an 8 or 10 gig version comes out in 6 months I’ll get one.
    Now if they would just spend as much time and energy on promoting the Mac…

  7. No, the audience greeted the iPod mini with silence because a bunch of wild-eyed big-mouthed optimists on rumor sites had told them that the price was going to be $99.

    I think Apple’s pricing is sheer genius. The only real complaint about the mini’s pricing I’ve heard is that for just $50 more you could buy a bigger iPod. I’m sure Apple wouldn’t be crushed if that’s the decision you make.

    What you don’t hear much is, “for $50 less I could get a crappy little flash player.” Because nobody wants that.


  8. Yah! I go eat at a fancy restaurant, and all I get is an asparagus twig, some veal and a small potatoe. But one meal costs enough for my family to dine out at McDonalds 3 meals per day for a week!

    Wassup with that?

  9. Wife’s iBook G3/500MHz has only 10GB of hard drive storage so I couldn’t justify a full size iPod with 15GB and up storage she’ll never use all that space.

    The iPod mini makes sense for her and honestly she says she’d never want to scroll through thousands of titles anyways.

    Problem is the mini is still too expensive for a “second” or “extra” iPod. I agree I’ll wait and see if the price drops. However, given Apple’s track record I doubt it’ll drop. Probably be replaced with an 8GB model at the same price point.

    Gotta love Apple?

  10. But there is a possibility that there will be 2 models (no, colors don’t count) just like how big iPod evolve into 3 models. If that is the case, the 4GB will be priced cheaper and its current place will be replaced by higher capacity.

  11. “CD changers”? What’s that? My dad told me that he once spent over $200 for a big black box that sat next to the receiver. It held 200 CDs. He said it made it easier, but he always had a hard time finding songs. But, that was a long time ago, like 5 years.

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