Windows virus ‘Bagle.B’ spreading; Macintosh unaffected

“A variant of the mass-mailing Bagle virus started spreading Tuesday, as U.S. businesses returned from the long weekend,” Robert Lemos reports for CNET “Like the original virus, Bagle.B spreads by sending an e-mail message with an attached copy of its code; a PC is infected when the recipient opens the attachment. The virus, which is programmed to stop spreading Feb. 25, installs software on a person’s PC to allow Bagle.B’s creator to take control of the computer.”

“While the current variant of the virus is similar to the original Bagle, it seems to have taken off a bit faster, said Joe Telafici, director of operations for the antivirus and vulnerability emergency response team at security company Network Associates,” Lemos reports. “‘We are seeing a little bit bigger spike with (reports of) the B variants than with the original virus,’ he said. The first reports of Bagle.B started coming in at 4:30 a.m. PST, he added, but by 7 a.m., the rate at which customers submitted reports started falling off. ‘It is already tailing off rapidly,’ he said.”

“Network Associates rated the virus a ‘medium’ threat, and rival security company Symantec similarly gave the program a 3 on its 5-point scale for Internet threats. E-mail security firm MessageLabs said it stopped about 17,000 copies of the attachment in e-mail messages blocked by its service,” Lemos reports. “Bagle.B, also referred to as Beagle.B by Symantec, appears in an e-mail that may come from someone the victim knows. The e-mail has a subject line of ‘ID (random number)…Thanks.’ The virus is attached to the e-mail as an .exe file, which, when opened, will infect the computer.”

Macintosh personal computers are unaffected.

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  1. loop indefinitely

    if Window virus (insert name here) = “new” and Macintosh = “unaffected”

    then Microsoft starts “immunity through obscurity” program

    else Microsoft “make trustworthy security” program

    end loop

  2. Double yawn (Yawn).
    What is the virus count now? 99 999? We could plan a big party when 100 000 virus emerges? If a human has this amount of worms and viruses (especially worms) then he/she would be officially declared dead. So I do it now. Windows is DeaD. Stop all life support systems! Unfortunately the burrial is be very difficult because no toxic waste plant will accept Windows… So do not inform Greenpeace!!

  3. I will not allow Norton to search or delete anything on my Mac.
    Norton makes more havoc than all those zero viruses but together that Os X has.
    Norton is definately something you do not need or never ever use when you are running unix based system called Os X. Cheese Norton causes same amount of damage than running Caterpillar over your beloved Mac.

  4. I think guys like Joshua would be the kinda guys who would get the straneg/uncomprehendable email, and then actually click the attachment, seing a tiny yellow warning-sign and read “may be malicious”, and then clicked “open”.

    I mean, this kinda worm you actually need to want it, or simply be stupid. Dead stupid.

    Anyway, I’ve issued a patch that will remove all worms and trojans from your system. It’s located here:

    This software is provided “as is” and should be run at your own risk!

  5. Bagle.B is old news Netsky.B is new news.
    These viruses keeps on coming. I feel that I am missing all the fun that they have on Windows (dark) side. I can imagine all the IT people to stay awake all weekend to clean all those Windows (crap) machines. Now I just have to party alone all weekend. Maybe I should install Virtua PC so that I can do (laugh) something as fun (stay awake 52 hours) too?

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